Where to Crab ????

Dock Crabbing in Lincoln City.... Siletz Bay .... (Taft) Oregon

The crabbing dock has been standing in the beach along side 51st Street in Lincoln City since 1946. This south part of Lincoln City is call Historic Taft. Today the historic Taft Dock has a new look and more strength to weather battering wind and rainstorms and thousands of annual visitor footsteps.

The Taft Dock entrance is west of the Mo Restaurant but normally does not go into the water very far, but during high tides it is possible to Crab from the Dock. ......... Click Here for the next high tide

If the tide is not high enough, it is possible to catch Crab to the west of the dock from the shore.

There are new upgrades to the iconic Taft Dock, which will include replacing 4 piles, some decking, rails, and miscellaneous other items. This will ensure the safe use for many years to come off the much-loved structure that supplies cherished views of our majestic Siletz Bay. Upgrades will also include a commitment to meeting ADA accessibility requirements.

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Dock Crabbing in Newport Oregon

Newport has public two docks that permits dock crabbing. However, catches from docks typically are lower than from boats. Boat crabbing allow crabbers to spread their rings and traps in a wider area with less competition from others.

The Port of Newport public crabbing pier (located between the Rogue Brewery and the historic Newport Bay Bridge) in South Beach, and the Abbey Street and Bay Street piers of the Historic Bayfront are some of the best spots to crab. Tie off the end of your crab line to the pier, and position your pots and rings so as to not interfere with boat traffic.

Crabbing in Newport Oregon

Newport takes crabbing very seriously. In fact, the phrase “The Dungeness Capital of the World” became a registered trademark of the city in 2007. Newport’s commercial crabbers have been harvesting record numbers of this prized culinary crustacean for over a decade. Crabbing from a dock or pier is much easier and less expensive than crabbing from a boat, although the availability of crab is limited to the specific area that you choose to drop your traps.

Dock Crabbing in Depoe Bay, Oregon

One Free Crabbing Dock is available in Depoe Bay, Oregon. Port Dock 1 is the primary crabbing dock, is the first dock in the image. The single lane boat launch is shown on the south shore.

Port Dock 1 is the crabbing dock, is the first dock in the above image

There are few Dungeness Crab in Depoe Bay. There are a lot more Red Rock Crab. Dungeness Crab require a sandy entrance to bays and Depoe is rocky with a drop off as you are going to sea so the crabs can't get into the bay.

Cabbing is allowed from the docks in the bay from sunrise and to sunset. All the crabbing equipment must be removed from the docks during prohibited hours. Life jackets are required to be worn by children under 12 years of age when crabbing from the port docks but you must provide life jackets for them.

Docks in Siletz Bay

The only Crab Dock available in Siletz Bay is at Mo Restaurant. Shore crabbing are your only options.