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866-331-1040 for FREE Tax Preparation Quote

866-331-1040 for FREE Tax Preparation Quote
HP Enters The Data Center Fray (Forbes)
The company's new products hit 80% of server business, but the real target is bigger.
U.S. Unemployment Rate Highest Since 1983 (Reuters Via Yahoo! News)
The U.S. unemployment rate soared to 8.5 percent last month, a fresh 25-year high, as employers slashed 663,000 jobs and cut workers' hours to the lowest level on record, the government said on Friday.
Simple Bookkeeping, Easy Tax Prep Make Outright Really Shine (
As we approach April 15th and tax time, it is normal for us to think about how we maintain our books and evaluate if our current process is working for us.
TUSD Record-keeping Slipshod, Audit Finds (Arizona Daily Star)
The Tucson Unified School District needs to do a better job with calculating pay, keeping track of equipment and handling cash, according to an annual audit.
Obama's IMF Pledge Could Be Tough Sell In Washington (Reuters Via Yahoo! News)
President Barack Obama's pledge to boost IMF resources to help other crisis-hit economies could prove a tough sell for a Congress suffering from bailout fatigue and worried about mounting U.S. debt.
Dalai Lama's Special Envoy Calls On Tibetans To Record Their Suffering (Phayul)
April 1 (ICT) - Lodi Gyari, Special Envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, has issued a call for Tibetans, in Tibet and around the world to record their experiences of suffering over the past 50 years.
Oil Tankers Storing Record Jet-Fuel, Gasoil Cargoes (Update1) (Bloomberg)
April 3 (Bloomberg) -- Traders hired record numbers of the biggest oceangoing oil-products tankers to store jet fuel and gasoil in Europe as demand drops and shore tanks fill up, said D/S Torm A/S , the largest refined-fuels shipper.
Riecken Sets Hurdle Record At Rotary Invite (The Ashland Gazette)
ASHLAND – A double gold medalist set a meet record and paced the efforts of the Ashland-Greenwood girls track team Friday at the Ashland Rotary Invitational.
ECB's Trichet: Main Interest Rate Could Go Lower (Washington Post)
FRANKFURT -- The European Central Bank could further reduce its record-low interest rates, President Jean-Claude Trichet told reporters Thursday, after the benchmark figured was cut by a quarter of a percentage point to 1.25 percent.
Scientist's Record-keeping Questioned (Otago Daily Times)
Sustained attack by the defence on former ESR scientist Peter Hentschel continued yesterday on the 18th day of David Bain's murder retrial in the High Court in Christchurch.
Spring Training Over, Mesa Focuses On Keeping Cubs (The Arizona Republic)
The Chicago Cubs left Mesa Thursday after setting a new Major League baseball spring training attendance record.
ProService Hawaii Expands Into Accounting Services (BizJournals)
ProService Hawaii is expanding with a new accounting services line.
Editor's Note: Favorite Personal Financial Applications (Linux Today)
I spend a lot of time on my personal bookkeeping, so I very much appreciate how this is one job that computers have made easier.
This Day In History (Utah Jazz's NBA Record 17-0) (GMA News)
Utah sets an NBA record by clinching its 17th straight winning season after defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 99-87.
Election 2009 (Berwyn Life)
Consult our candidate guide before you get to the booth Tuesday.
Board Of Commissioners Work Session And Called Meeting Agendas For Monday (The Dalton Daily Citizen)
Maps, Menus, Store hours, Coupons, and more... BACK PAIN Friends, family or coworkers clinically diagnosed with back pain or diabetes?? If you answer yes, you qualify for great ...
Roosters, Thermometers And Mark-to-Market (New York Times)
In the raging controversy over whether or not to repeal mark-to-market accounting rules, we’ve heard critics of such a move talk about blaming the thermometer for saying you have a fever.
The U Of A Keeping Unemployment Down In Fayetteville (KFSM Ft. Smith-Fayetteville)
Despite a record 8.1% unemployed across the country, Fayetteville is faring pretty well. Only 5.6% are without jobs here. So what's the secret? Experts say it has everything to do with the University of Arkansas .
New Rule Expands Banker Discretion In Valuing Assets (Investor's Business Daily Via Yahoo! News)
Accounting rule-makers on Thursday did all they could to make the nation's credit nightmare go away -- or at least go back into the closet -- sending stocks higher.

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