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Nearly 30% of caregivers die before those they are caring for. Sometimes, itís an aging spouse with health problems. Often itís because of the stress related diseases or depression that caregivers are prone to, or because caregivers are so overwhelmed by their responsibilities that they donít take time to listen to their bodies and take care of their own needs.

Studies report that there are over 44 million informal caregivers in the United States alone.  These unpaid caregivers, many of which are also baby boomers, are balancing the multiple responsibilities of caring for a relative with dementia while running a household and often holding a job.

A recent study by the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP found that the typical caregiver is a 46-year-old Baby Boomer woman with some college education who works and spends more than 20 hours per week caring for her mother who lives nearby. With increasing career and geographic mobility, how will a new generation of daughterly Baby Boomers care for their elderly parents, while juggling the demands of their lives, balancing their careers, and managing their own aging process

Serveral members of CPA Moms have participated in the Sacred Art of Dying program and recommend it.  If you have want information or have questions, please contact us.

The Sacred Art of Dying program series mirrors one of the important roles of the Anamcara: a "spiritual midwife" to the dying, especially with respect to spiritual pain. As human beings face the journey towards final release, there are common patterns of emotional and spiritual distress and demonstrated ways of alleviating this pain. The premise of the program is that all spiritual pain is ultimately related to the values of forgiveness, meaning, relatedness and hope.

Anyone, regardless of profession, spiritual background, or previous experience is welcome to participate in the core study units offered through the Sacred Art of Dying series. For persons called to support others on their spiritual journey at the end of life, two additional levels of training and supervision invite persons to become Anamcara end-of-life practitioners. All levels of the Sacred Art of Dying series teach practical skills based on the time-tested lessons of history- but applied practically to todayís audience and needs.

The Sacred Art of Dying is based on the ancient wisdom that, for all of the support an Anamcara may provide, it is the dying who become their teachers at the end of life.

On the pages of this web site you will find information  considering caregiver & death that have been collected from many independent sources.  Each article or news item offers a different point of view and resources.   This information is for general information only.  If you desire to ask a specific question, feel free to email us.

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