Child Care Options For Work At Home Moms


Jeff Flow


Taking care of children can be one of the biggest obstacles that women have when they want to have their own home-based business. The reality is that toddlers are not going to keep quiet during business calls or take a nap when you want to get work done. This article will give you some practical ways that you can get childcare for free or for a minimal cost.

At first you thought it would be OK to have the kids around all the time. You thought about no commutes, flexible hours, lunch with the kids. However, if you want to really get work done, you are going to have to be creative in childcare options.

One way to have childcare is to create a childcare co-op. This is basically a group of work at home parents that swap child care duties. Keep track of the hours that you watch each child and make sure everybody gets the fair amount. The benefit of this is that you get free childcare. The downside is that you can’t work while you are watching other people’s children.

The next way is to mom-swap. Instead of many people working together this is basically you and a friend trading off childcare days. Make sure you set clear boundaries, so neither of you take advantage of the other. It would also help if the kids get along well. If they don’t this could end up to be a bad experience.

You could also share a sitter with a friend. Have the sitter watch both of your children at the same time and split the costs. Make sure that you communicate with your friend to avoid complications.

You could barter services in exchange for child care. This will save you money and still pay the person taking care of your children.

It is important to make a plan to take care of your children during the time that you are working.

You may also want to go to the church and ask the Sunday school director if they have any babysitters. They may have someone that would take care of your children for a low rate. Make sure to ask for referrals.

For this to work, you are going to have to spread the word that you are looking for childcare. If you take the time to look around and ask around, you can find the best childcare at the lowest price.


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