Crisis in Child Care


Veola Momon



Today there is a crisis in the child care industry. Parents are looking to the government to solve the problem by not cutting away at programs that will give them help with quality childcare, health care and training for the caregivers in these settings.
As an advocate for quality childcare in every center, home and daycare that is in charge of the children that will "lead" our country tomorrow as well as "live" in it, here is a beginning for change and taking charge.
It is not left up to the government to create the best learning environment for our children alone, we must help too. It is almost like the other grades, parents send their children to school and want the teachers to mother and teach them. When it doesn't happen then they look to put the responsibility on someone else.
Teachers will teach and the government will pass or not pass bills but our part is to see that it all work for the best.
Parents forget that a quality care center is not in the beauty of a place or the pictures on the wall or how many play thingies on the playground (though it does count). If you see each day in your child life, inspiration, a stronger body and your child looking forward to going back to the center, "quality care is being given". (The opposite of that is, it is not being given).
The caregiver through experience and training "is" the quality care with the desire to do the best to teach their children.
If you see that there is no show of changes in your infants care, join in and share ideas as well as ideas from the book 5 + 1 Learning Powers of the Mind to help create quality care in your child center.

While some parents are writing to their senators and representatives, the book 5 + 1 Learning Powers of the Mind is for "you" the parent, the "caregiver", the childcare centers and home care to assist you with ideas that will show you how it only take the imagination to create a learning environment for a child to make it a quality one without the chandelier or expensive training. It is possible to teach and train yourself how to become the best caregiver you can be.

You must be willing to try new things as well as create different things in your room. Whatever you have been doing with your infants celebrate it with a performance, parents and grandparents will love it and will learn from it.

The one spending the most time in the life of the infant has the most influence over their individual life.
Early experiences affect the learning of a child.
While They Are Young……… Teach Them
You can have so much fun you won't even know you're teaching and the infants won't know they are learning.
Each infant is unique and alike in many ways.
They observe until they have learned then they will try it and then do it.

Written by: Veola Momon at http://www.vecaps.com
An Infant Room Lead Teacher with more than one half of success with her infants using her 5 + 1 Learning Powers of the Mind.
Email: info@vecaps.com
Phone 404 373-1955


She has worked through the past 30 years learning about what she can do to help children learn in a fun way. Her 5 + 1 Learning Powers of the Mind is the way.




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