Why You Need to Know the Local and State Child Support Laws


Mike Freemen


There are many contentious issues that come into play in the area of divorce, but perhaps no issue is more contentious, or more emotional, than that of child support. The issue of child support is one that comes up in the majority of divorces, and the issue of who must pay, and how much, is always a controversial one.

To make matters even more complicated, when it comes to issues of child support, the laws of each state can vary quite widely. The same type of parent, earning the same salary, can have a vastly different child support payment solely as a result of where he or she lives. It is important for both sides in the divorce to thoroughly research local and state child support laws and to determine that the amount ordered is both fair and affordable.

It is generally advisable for the parent to obtain the services of a qualified divorce attorney when it comes to contesting child support issues. The issues surrounding divorce and child support are very complicated, and it can often take a good lawyer to sort out these complicated and confusing issues. A good attorney can be worth his or her weight in gold when it comes to child support.

One of the most common complaints when it comes to child support is that amount decided is excessive, and it leaves the parent struggling to get by and make ends meet. The formulas used to determine fair and equitable child support payments vary from location to location, and parents are often able to successfully challenge child support orders they feel are unaffordable.

Of course the idea behind child support is to provide the child with a good standard of living, and no parent should seek to get back at an ex-spouse by refusing to pay child support. Child support should be for the benefit of the child or children involved, and it is important for everyone involved in the divorce proceedings to remember that child support is a necessary part of the equation, while keeping the amount fair for both parents.

Child support laws have always been a contentious issue, and chances are they always will be. No matter what, however, support for minor children is an essential part of being a parent, and that responsibility does not end with the dissolution of a happy marriage. Child support can be a burden on both parents and children, but it serves a very noble purpose.


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