Writing A Day Care Business Plan


Shaunta Pleasant


A business plan is a vital document for any business, and this is true for a new day care business as well.

A good business plan will include detailed information on the new business, including its proposed location, its purpose, its mission statement, and an analysis of the funding that will be needed to get the business up and running and to make it profitable.

== The Challenges And Opportunities Facing Your Day Care Business ==

It is also important for the business plan to include a detailed section on the challenges and opportunities facing the business.

This should include both the challenges facing the day care business sector as a whole, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities of the particular day care business in question.

== A Thorough Market Analysis ==

It is important as well for the business plan to include a thorough market analysis, including local demand for day care services, average prices per child, and existing day care providers.

Any potential investor or business partner will want to make sure that the business is a viable one before investing, so it is important to do such a market analysis to ensure that there is room in the local market for another day care business.

If demographic information is available for the town in which the day care is to be located, it can help to bolster the argument that a new day care business would thrive in its proposed location.

== Unique Issues Faces By A Day Care Business ==

It is also important for the business plan to detail any unique issues faced by the day care business. Obviously one of the most important of these is the new for sufficient insurance coverage.

Most day care businesses will require a large umbrella policy to protect themselves against injuries or illnesses which may occur on their property. It is important for the potential day care owner to research the cost of this insurance coverage and to include it in the business plan.

==Legal Issues That Are Detailed In Your Business Plan ==

Legal issues should also be detailed in the business plan, as there are unique legal issues faced by day care businesses. As with insurance, it is important for the business owner to research any legal coverage that may be required before the business opens.

It is also important to research local zoning laws and be sure that the proposed location for the business is properly zoned for a day care and child care center.


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