Dating and Divorce - When are you safe to re-enter the dating pool?


Karen Meislik


Many people who are going through a divorce think that it is all right to start dating again, considering they are getting a divorce anyway. However, these people may fail to realize that the timing of your new relationship can have severely impact the divorce proceedings.

Obviously, as an adult you are free to associated with whomever you choose. However, if you engage in sexual relations before your final divorce decree this will be viewed adultery. Adultery can affect your divorce in many ways.

If there are children involved, adultery may prevent you from being granted any custody rights. It may also have a detrimental affect of visitation rights. If you still manage to retain your children, you may receive less child support than you otherwise would. Conversely, you may be forced to pay more for child support than you would if you refrained from adultery.

“As far as dating and divorce goes, my best advice is to wait,” says Karen Meislik, a divorce attorney in New Jersey. “Although you want to move on with your life, you simply should not risk the financial loss as well as the added emotional effect that dating can have on the divorce proceedings.”

The amount of financial support you receive may also be decreased if you are cohabitating before your final divorce decree. If you decide to move in with someone you are having a sexual relationship with, New Jersey divorce courts will consider this when deciding child support and alimony. Again, it is in your best interest to wait until the divorce is final.

A divorce is a very difficult time. You may just want to forget about your problems at home, go out, have a good time, and meet someone new. Although this is the most desirable solution, it may be the worst decision you could make. Dating during your divorce can harm you financially as well as emotionally. You may not be ready for another relationship.


If you are currently faced with a divorce or anticipate a divorce in the near future, speak to an experienced divorce attorney and learn your rights. Currently, Ms. Meislik is offering free consultations for all divorce claims. Either contact her or call 973 783-3000 ext. 111 to schedule a time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can start dating again. Find out for sure.




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