How to Do Divorce Preparation in California


Jean Mahserjian


California divorce preparation could prove to be a complex task. You might be dismayed if your spouse reveals that he or she will seek a divorce. What is more, you might return home someday to an empty home and a note, with your spouse and kids having moved out. If that takes place, you may be entirely unable to undertake any California divorce and separation planning yourself.

On the other hand, your partner could have strategized properly and you could determine that belongings have been hidden away or expended over time, or that a transfer was thoughtfully organized using the aid of an advocate with the plan to control a spousal support dispute. Though that type of orchestrated sneaky prep goes on rarely, it does come about and should serve as an example to any person who is thinking over a California divorce and separation: prep and tactics are vital and had better be looked at by everyone.

To insure that you are undertaking the best California divorce preparation and applying the best legal tactics, you might need the aid of a lawyer. An experienced California domestic lawyer has seen it all. He or she has handled enough lawsuits to realize what maneuvers may be employed by their adversary, what maneuvers are effective, and what maneuvers would work for your family situation.

Engaging in tactics and planning does not have to mean that you are moving towards divorce or separation litigation. It signals that you are aware of the facts of the case and your objectives and you have carefully planned how to get where you want to go. A adept settlement negotiation doesn't happen without quite a bit of thoughtfulness and preparation. Numbers of clients fail to see the real value that they obtained from their lawyer. As a matter of fact, some people will claim that they did every bit of work in compiling information or in obtaining information for their lawyer, just to be confronted with a significant bill, and they want to know why. The "why" is found in the California lawyer's experience level and the lawyer's capability in preparation of your tactics in order to obtain the resolution you requested.

The tactics and planning that you should undertake before starting a California divorce and separation are critical. There are some things that everybody will have to do, including obtaining all of your economic documents. Some preparation and tactical issues will be unique to your own matter, including, the facts of your married life and your situation at the time.

Notwithstanding your own circumstances, your preparation should be undertaken after a careful analysis of the pertinent facts and a thorough conversation about your goals with your lawyer.

Various people confronting the same circumstances could consider different California divorce plans simply because they are focused on different results. If settling your case amicably and avoiding litigation are significant to you, your lawyer may have to engage in different tactics than if you want a court to make the decisions. If your lawyer understands all of your facts and your particular goals, your lawyer should be able to work on an outline that should get you the results you want.

Since divorce and separation is typically a battle regarding income and assets, obtaining the relevant documents about your particular finances will be a very important task. It is imperative that you locate copies of at least the last several years income tax returns and your w-2 and your partner's w-2 for every job. If those documents cannot be located, it is easy to obtain copies from the IRS.

If you want to undertake this secretly and you do not want your spouse to know that you are doing divorce preparation, request that those documents be delivered to your employment address, an acquaintance, or to the office of your lawyer.

An outline of the history of your marriage is important to other matters that your California divorce lawyer will need to consider. Many lawyers require that you create a chronicle to help them. If your lawyer does not require an outline, write one up anyway. The time spent on doing so can help your lawyer to address matters like fault, custody, and support, and it could save your lawyer time needed for preparation of your matter and thus, reduce the cost of your divorce.

The more time that you spend getting, and organizing important facts and documents for your California divorce and separation lawyer, the less effort you will spend in your lawyer's office talking over those issues. That translates into less time spent with fact finding and more of your resources spent on tactics and preparation.


Divorce Attorney Jean Mahserjian makes it easier to make it through your divorce by providing you with the information you need to understand the process. To download excerpts from her books, visit: Divorce Help

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