How to go through divorce unscathed


Frederic Madore


Divorce can be hard. Perhaps, no one knows that better than the two parties involved in the legal coil of separation. Though a divorce is a mutual decision, it is not impossible that one or both parties suffer from remorse, guilt and disappointment over the broken marriage. After all, who would want to have their heart and marriage broken?

Contrary to what most people perceive divorce to be, it is not as cold and as calculating. Divorce does not only involve court battles for child custody and for property, it also a personal battle to fix a broken heart and regain the pieces of a broken life.

Divorce affects everything, not only the family life but also the personal life. Divorce can be a big blow to one’s self-confidence, not only as a man or a woman but also as a decision-making individual. For a while, there would be feelings of doubts over one’s ability to make the right decision and choose the right person to spend the rest of one’s life with. With injured parties or those victimized by promiscuity, a divorce can bring on feelings of insecurity over one’s worth as an individual and as a man or a woman.

Others feel the frustration and the disbelief of having something like divorce happen to the family. This is especially true with people who have enjoyed close family ties or those whose parents have still stuck it out through thick and thin. For these people, divorce can be a time of bewilderment, wondering how something like this can happen.

By all intents and purposes, a divorce can be downright messy and emotionally draining (not to mention the fact that it can also be financially draining). It can even turn ugly if the two parties involve do not make the effort to part as amicably as possible. Here are some tips that may help you go through divorce unscathed!

Take time off to think

Depending on the way the couple parted, divorce can be a meeting ground for a lot of unresolved issues and emotions, particularly anger. Before couples go through the process, it is better to take time off to think things through. This will help bring things in perspective and may even help them understand what happened and perhaps, eventually accept that divorce is something that they cannot have control of.

Taking time off can be something as simple as taking a leave of absence from the office and basically just spending time in your comfort zones or something as extravagant as cruising in the Caribbean and taking one relaxing vacation. The time will help them think and who knows, they may even realize that they can still make the marriage work!

Accept what cannot be

Finally accepting that the divorce is inevitable and may be for the best interest of all concerned will do wonders to the way couples deal with the entire divorce process. This may not be as easy to do as they think. In fact, for some acceptance do not come at all until a couple of years after the divorce. But still, one must make the effort to accept things as they are. This will make the divorce proceedings less painful.

Have a talk

Part of the problem with divorce battles is that couples have so much anger inside that they cannot even sit down and talk about everything. Most converse through the divorce lawyers while others slug it out over the phone.

It is important that parties involve have a talk over everything. This will clear things up and will make the legal transition and division of assets easier. (Unless of course, the divorce is so bitter that the two parties cannot stay in one room together without attempting to kill each other! In cases like that, tell them to go take a vacation!)

Get a good lawyer

Divorce lawyers may know the law to the letter but only few can handle cases with sensitivity and finesse. It is important that couples look for lawyers who will not exacerbate the situation by creating unnecessary tension. Abrasive and harsh treatment of the case can spell trouble for the case especially when things reach sensitive and crucial issues such as division of properties and custody of children.


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