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Divorce is a common thing nowadays. Everything that has a beginning must have an ending and this is one of the possible endings. A lot of known divorce cases are from San Diego and, as the emotional relationship ends, the legal bond should be undone. This is the only way it can be solved today. The biggest problems, not only in the case of the San Diego divorce, but everywhere, are splitting the assets and solving child custody.

Is a divorce necessary or unnecessary? Well, that depends on a lot of things. If you feel like the relationship has already come to its end then there is no point in remaining bound only by official papers to your former soul mate. Another aspect id discussable: memories and what you have achieved together. If a lot of happy years with a lot of accomplishments stand between you two, then you should probably give your San Diego divorce a second thought. Who knows what may happen? Maybe it will all work out in the end. Lawyers tend to analyze the problem without any feeling because they donít know about the emotional bond between the two parts. Before filing for a San Diego divorce you should give it a lot of thought. Is this what you really want to do? Is it necessary? Will this make your life better or will it make it even more miserable? Someone said that between to kinds of bad you have to choose the one thatís not worse.

San Diego divorce cases which involve child custody are a lot more problematic than simple divorce cases that donít involve child custody. Usually the simple cases are shorter than the other because they can be ended with a settlement. When two parents are fighting over a child it is not common for either to give him up. Each of the parents fight with all theyíve got just to win the right to live with his or her own child. In these types of cases, the only one who loses is the child because the parents donít realize that, in the end of theyíre struggle, they canít be called a family anymore. The most important thing for a child is to grow up in a healthy family.

In a San Diego divorce the child custody problem is usually left as the last matter to be solved. After a preliminary examination one of the parents is granted temporary custody. The final settlement is made after all the problems of the divorce are solved. The custody decision is taken by the court. The judge is the one who says who gets the child custody. This is usually a good thing because he is impartial and it is thought to look out for the best interest of the child. Child custody suits are necessary if the child isnít at least 18. If the child is 18 or more he is considered old enough to know whatís best for himself and capable of choosing which parent he wants to be his legal guardian. Even if one parent is granted child custody, this doesnít mean that the other parent wonít be able to see his child ever again. Visiting time will be set for the other parent so the child gets to spend time with both of his natural parents.

San Diego divorce is not a thing to be taken likely. It has a history that is at least impressing. Since the 1850s divorce has become a common thing and most of the San Diego divorce cases have been filed by women. These women werenít seeking independence. They were forced to do this because their husbands left them or, one of the worst scenarios, the physical violence reached a dangerously high level. Some of the women involved in San Diego divorce cases even said that if the neighbors hadnít saved them they would have been alive for long.

Like all divorce cases, San Diego divorce cases are known to be of two kinds: amicable or violent. The word ďviolentĒ doesnít refer to physical violence, but to a lot of arguing and different low tricks used by either part to win. The type of the divorce decides the period of time it will spread over. So, if itís an amicable divorce, it will be shorter and, if itís a violent one, it will take longer. The time it takes for a divorce to end has been known to be from six moths to five years. A long trial isnít good for any of the involved parts unless one of the parts thinks and has a strategy based on this fact. It is possible one of the ex partners hopes the other part will get tired of spending all that money and eventually give up. During the long history of San Diego divorce cases, there have been a couple of them which have taken an awful long time to finish. Even when itís over, you canít be sure of anything. There have been known some San Diego divorce cases in which one of the parts filed for the reopening of the case. This often happens, especially when the couple has something to split or if child custody is involved. The long divorce isnít cheap. However, everyone has to understand it can turn profitable for just one of the parties (leaving aside the lawyer). Everyone must realize that, even if it takes a long time and the fees you pay seem to be more than you can afford, in the end you could win ten times the amount youíve lost.

The San Diego divorce cases have become popular all over the world. What is the reason? Could it be that San Diego divorce has an early history? Or perhaps itís because of the very big number of divorces that take place in this area. The San Diego divorce rate is very high, probably higher than in any other state in California. Anyway, for a lawyer to handle a San Diego divorce it is a very difficult job and it is necessary for him to have seen almost everything in his life time to have a vast understanding on how these things work.


Knowing details about the San Diego divorce cases and child custody problems might be helpful to anyone involved in a similar situation. So, please visit this San Diego divorce site for more information on how to choose the best San Diego lawyer for you.




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