What in the Heck do the Boy Scouts Know About Helping Women Get a Divorce?


E Graham


When you think about the Boy Scouts, the image that comes to mind
are a bunch of clean cut, family oriented, Beaver Cleaver type
young men, helping old ladies across the street.

So what in the world can these "God, Family and Country" valuing
young men teach women about the divorce process?

The answer is simple.

There is a nugget of wisdom that these young men live by, that
women should take to heart when faced with the possibility of an
approaching divorce.

That nugget of wisdom is found in the Boy Scout motto…

Be Prepared.

For the Boy Scouts, "being prepared" can mean, being prepared to
help out in a medical emergency by knowing first aid and CPR. It
can mean, being prepared in the wilderness while hiking or
camping by bring the right equipment and supplies. Or it can
even mean being better prepared for life's challenges by learning
positive life skills and developing strong values while they are
still young.

But for women facing the break-up of their marriage and families,
"being prepared" is of particular importance.

Far too often, women are blindsided by a divorce request and find
themselves completely unprepared.

Gaining a favorable outcome in a divorce is won or lost long
before your day in court. In most cases it is won or lost even
before the word divorce is first mentioned.

So how can women follow this advice and begin to "Be Prepared"?

There are several things that you can do…

When your husband tries to hide marital assets or income sources
to prevent you from getting everything you are entitled to…

Be prepared.

Be prepared by becoming informed and knowledgeable about your
family finances and securing copies of all important documents
before hand.

If your husband has shown a pattern of physical or mental abuse
towards you or your children…

Be prepared.

Be prepared by documenting each and every incident of abusive
behavior, either in a personal journal or better yet, by law
enforcement, medical or professional records.

Once your divorce is finalized, you will need the job and
employment skills to survive (and thrive) on your own. So…

Be prepared.

Be prepared by taking classes, doing volunteer work to build
needed skills and experience and polishing up your resume, while
you are still marred.

There are many, many steps that you need to take to "be
prepared". But if you adopt the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared"
as you begin to protect yourself and your children from a pending
divorce, your final outcome will be far better.


For more ways to Be Prepared visit http://www.divorcearticles.net/divorce-articles2/Divorce-Advice-for-Women.htm and discover the step by step the exact plan my friend Cathi Adams used to be prepared for her own divorce and how you can too.




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