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The Basics Of Business Incorporation


Mark Woodcock

If you are a business owner, even if it is a small business, you want to be successful. You are undoubtedly aware of the work it takes to make a business profitable. You might also be aware of the different tax penalties and other ways that the government makes it difficult for a small, young business to make it. You should consider business incorporation. It is not as complicated as you might think it is, in fact, it is quite easy to incorporate your business. By doing it, you will be helping your business to fulfill its potential.

Incorporation is the process of forming a new corporation, whether it is a business, a new town government, or a not-for-profit organization. As a business owner it is easy for you to take advantage of the many benefits that incorporation has to offer. There are several legal advantages to going through the process of business incorporation. For starters, your personal property and possessions will be protected from creditors and lawsuits. Any officers in your corporation (including you) are only responsible for the amount of money that they invest into the corporation. And if you are going through some kind of personal litigation, your corporate assets are secured, other than your personal shares in the organization.

Another plus in business incorporation is that your ownership in the corporation can be transferred to other parties without difficulty, sometimes with little or no paperwork required. Also, your corporation will be taxed at a lower rate than individuals. There is no cutoff point on the loss amount that can be carried into succeeding tax years, either. Further, corporations earn and maintain their own credit ratings separate from the owner, no matter what the owner's personal credit rating might be. Business incorporation is a really good way to not only protect the organization, but to protect the business owner as well.

Yet another advantage to business incorporation is that it is easier to set up retirement plans. In addition, the owner's health insurance premiums are fully deductible, which is a huge bonus. And no matter if the owner or some other officer in the corporation passes away, the corporation continues on forever.

The basic steps in business incorporation are fairly straightforward. Every state is going to have different requirements and applicable laws, so make sure to check before getting started with the process. The first thing you do when incorporating is to file a charter. Check with your state's (or the state that you wish to incorporate in) Secretary of State office for guidelines and appropriate forms to complete. The next step is to choose a name for your new corporation. You should make sure to check trademark registers to avoid duplication and problems later on. Next, you need to complete the corporation's bylaws. These are important because they set forth the particulars regarding annual shareholder meetings and voting procedures. You will also need to report annually on your corporation. This can be done at an annual meeting, and any business that is discussed and voted upon is documented.

Business incorporation can be the answer to making the most of your organization. Taking advantage of the tax benefits alone can help save - and make - you money. And depending on which state you incorporate in, you might have to deal with little or no paperwork and red tape, and even fewer tax issues. Business incorporation is a great way to turn your little business into a legitimate organization, and it is not nearly as complicated as it might sound to you.


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