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Death & Taxes

We have Information to Help You with Either

Got Question for a CPA Mom?

IRS wants you to retire Financially Free!     We will answer your questions and give you options about how to become Financially Free when you retire

Tax answers/options when you sell your Home.      We will answer your questions about the tax free home sales and give you options on tax free exchanges

So, You got a letter from IRS?  We can help.    Letters from IRS are scary. We will answer your questions at no charge.

S-Corp, LLC, C-Corp, Partnership - Your Choice?    Selecting the correct Business Entity is confusing.  We will give you the tax options of each Business Entity.

How not to pay taxes when you sell income property.    We will explain how to do a tax free exchange & not pay taxes when you sell your income property.

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We are all destined to go job-hunting again. The only question is how soon.  The job-hunt now occurs some 5 9 times in most people's lives, with two or three career-changes thrown in.

IRS wants to help you make these changes

1.  Your hunt for new work must be in the same field in which you're currently employed. IRS won't help out if you decide to totally switch career fields.

2. You can't decide to chill out for a while and then expect the Internal Revenue Service to help when you decide it's time to get back on the career track. Deductions aren't allowed for employment-search costs when there is a "substantial break" between your last job and when you begin looking for a new one.

For more information check out the following articles.



  • Suggestions To Enhance Your Career
    Career enhancements are hard to dream up even for the most creative of minds. The following suggestions are meant to give you some hints and tips on how you can enhance your career without spending a fortune...
  • Enhance Your Career Through Internet Exposure
    Are you a marketing guru? If so, you should use the power of the internet to help you gain more exposure for your business. Internet exposure is likely to increase your career options by enabling you to...
  • Setting Career Goals
    Setting a career goal or objective is a personal challenge a person makes to himself or herself within a limited period by setting deadlines. The most successful people are usually ones that have set career...
  • How to become a Career Coach for Profit
    An excellent career coach can help you tap out your unique skills, talents and aptitude to help you develop in the career of your choice. He helps you to modify or transition your existing skills to suit...
  • Career Assessment Do's And Don'ts
    As a child, you probably thought you were sure about your goals in life. However, your thought process and priorities may have changed today. This may be a result of the realization that your skills and...
  • What is a Career Anyway?
    What is a Career Anyway?By Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.A career is the sum total of all of your work-related contributions to society in a lifetime. This includes time and effort spent to provide goods, services,...
  • Looking For A Job Or For A Career?
    As you enter the job market, (for the first time or after not searching for a while) you might find that there are a lot of buzzwords thrown around, including the terms career and job. You might be looking...
  • Geologist Career
    A career in geology can be very rewarding in a number of different ways. But before you get too excited about a geologist career you will want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into....
  • What's a Career Coach? Do I need one?
    You may have noticed one of the latest trends in careermanagement is to have your own career coach. It's not really anew concept. Executives have known for years the value ofinvesting in the expertise...
  • Do's And Don'ts Of Career Change
    A career change can be riddled with mistakes and ambiguity for many people, even those in mid-career. This, as a consequence, relegates them to where they are despite additions to their job and personal...
  • Hey, What Can Career Training Really Give You?
    After you read this short article about career training, you'll become aware of some very exciting feelings about your future!But first let me ask you something. If you're reading this article because...
  • Earn a Degree Online
    Turn your career up a degree! A degree opens doors - get yours fast! Get your career on the fast track! Your future is waiting; get your degree now! Your career is waiting; get your degree now! Top professionals...
  • Some Straight Talk About Career Training
    Copyright 2006 Sherry HarrisLet's cut to the chase...a career training program is crucial when you want to build a career. Making a decision on a career is one of the most difficult decisions in life....
  • Career Management
    This article is about the results a 2-wave longitudinally researches studying interactions among managerial and individual profession management actions and organizational dedication in the first years...
  • Improving Your Career - A Contact Sport
    Shaping Your CareerYou need to have great career skills to climb the corporate ladder successfully. Career skills are also crucial if you want to switch jobs within your field. Your skills play a vital...
  • Career goals
    If you are a college student and planning to have a great career, you will need to develop tangible career goals, which will enable you to reach your coveted career position. But if someone asks you about...
  • Career Jobs
    Hi GuysWhen searching for an ideal career, then job seekers have a mixed experience of gone through many good & bad jobs. Job seekers (both novice & experienced) want to find a career job that they like,...
  • Rejection Got You Down in the Job Search?
    REJECTION IN THE JOB SEARCH GOT YOU DOWN? It's true, no one wants to be ignored or rejected in any situation. The job search/interview rejection is painful. If you have been looking for a job for some...





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