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Gary Tallon


Buying life and health insurance products is something that many of us keep putting off for as long as we possibly can. We know that we should buy into these insurance policies but we tend to shelf the idea, preferring to live for today rather than plan for tomorrow. Rather like an ostrich sticking its head in the sand, a lot of us it seems choose to take our chances in the hope that our circumstances will never merit the use of life or health insurance. But it can be an awfully big gamble to take.
Advantages of a life and health insurance policy
As we get older we often become more susceptible to health problems, disability and poor mobility; eventually of course we will all die. Both situations are naturally very distressing for family and dependants. However, the situation can be made worse if the ill / deceased was the main income producer and there are still bills to pay. The last thing anybody wants in this situation is to have the bailiffs knocking at the door, or your home repossessed because you cannot keep up your mortgage repayments.
A life and health insurance policy combines cover for the likely and the inevitable. By opting to take out a life and health insurance policy you and your family will have peace of mind that should you become critically ill or die during the term of the policy, your family and dependants will be financially secure. There will be no worries about bailiffs or repossession orders and through the health insurance side of the policy you'll be able to select a level of quality health care to suit your needs rather than relying on treatment through the NHS.
Cover provided by a life and health insurance policy
The cover provided by a life and health insurance policy is quite comprehensive. On the life insurance side of the policy you will be able to choose between a term life insurance product and a reducing or decreasing life insurance product.
Term life insurance via the policy pays out a fixed lump sum upon the death of the policyholder, providing the insurance policy is still active. A reducing term life insurance policy is a type of insurance where the amount paid out upon death reduces to zero in line with the policyholder's mortgage balance, and is suitable only as a financial instrument with which to pay off the mortgage in the event of an early death. If you want to leave your loved ones in complete financial security then a term life option on the policy is recommended.
The health insurance part of the mega insurance policy provides comprehensive health care. It will cover you for all diagnosis, treatment and recovery costs associated with the illnesses, disability and diseases noted on the mega policy. Health insurance also means that you do not have to wait for treatment on the NHS. Instead, you will be able to select when and where you want to receive treatment, so tailoring it to your own convenience.


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