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Tony Robinson


We are designed to heal from sickness naturally; however, at times we need medical treatment to recover from ill. There are scores of healthcare providers today that are taking advantage of patients, therefore, health insurance coverage is essential to understand to avoid become the next victim. The healthcare fees are increasing also, therefore, having no coverage can cost you a fortune. Nowadays, healthcare, creators of prescription drugs, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and the government are gaining profit from healthcare. The sources will not tell you that there are natural herbs available to increase your health and provide relief from most every illness available. Therefore, the natural cures are not often available, thus when a person needs treatment, they often resort to medicines and doctors.

There are various health insurance policies available today, however many have eliminated the extreme coverage of modern medicines. In other words, the policies will not cover many prescriptions due to the higher costs. Some polices, such as Medicaid, will cover generic prescriptions, however, the policyholder is restricted to particular doctors under the coverage. Thus, having life insurance coupled with health insurance may be the option for you, since many life insurance agencies will also offer for a low cost Terminal Ill or Critical Illness coverage. These plans will cover nearly every disease, injuries and so forth on the market, and will often provide a source of coverage for prescriptions. Be sure to ask the agency where you seek your insurance what the plans will cover. In addition, you may need to seek out prescription plan coverage to pay for you medicines if you need ongoing treatment. The plans often cost a small fortune, but will cover the expenses of nearly all medications.

If you work then you probably already have a measure of health insurance coverage provided to you by your company. Make sure you ask if uncertain to avoid paying extra cost for something you already have. If you have lost your job (no fault of you own), you may qualify for Cobra insurance coverage, which will provide you a measure of coverage if you should become ill, or else need medications. The policy was designed by the federal laws to offer coverage to those out of work. The policy will often cover many healthcare costs, including some medicines. The policy however is a temporary relief to those without work.

Health insurance varies, but overall, the policies are a 'pre-negotiated' plan that will cover a measure of treatment and medical procedures. The policies often stipulate that the policyholder is responsible for co-payments, which upfront fees are paid to the medical provider. There are several types of coverage, which include "self-insured" policies, which means the person does not have coverage at all and will pay the entire of amount of expenses incurred from treatment. The "Managed Care Plans" are contracted plans that are setup on a network. Thus, the doctors in this plan agree to provide treatment to patients at lower costs. The "health maintenance Org" (HMO) plans are also pre-paid options in that the policyholder is also required to stay within a network of medical.

The PPO or "Preferred Provider Orgs" are a collection of hospitals and physicians that negotiate medical treatment and the insured agrees to pay the amount set, before reimbursement takes place. The POS plans, or "Point of Service" does not require a co-payment, but the patient must remain within the requested network to receive treatment. "Indemnity" coverage are less restricted, in that the patient can go anywhere he chooses for treatment. However, this plan is often more expensive than other plans.

There are various other plans on the marketplace available to provide coverage when medical care is needed. Again, you may want to look into life insurance coupled with health insurance so that you can have the most coverage available to you when it is needed. None of us can predict when treatment is needed, therefore, do not expect to live a healthy life permanently without health insurance coverage, believing it can never happen to you.


Tony Robinson is a Real Estate Investor & has had experience with many types of insurance.
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