The Cost Of Medical Testing On The Rise Due To Malpractice Fears


Mike Bell


The rising cost of malpractice insurance and fears over lawsuits have driven doctors to order extensive testing and hospitalization for patients, especially those with chest pain. Decisions about what tests are needed and the necessity of hospitalization, especially among emergency room physicians, is being affected by the threat of malpractice, which leads to significantly higher costs for insurance companies. With the increase in costs due to extensive testing, a rise in health insurance costs are bound to follow. An initial diagnosis of possible acute coronary syndrome can lead to tests that would otherwise be considered unnecessary, and the health insurance industry is feeling the financial pressure.

Health insurance costs have risen continually each year, and with the increase in medical testing, that trend is certain to continue. Physicians pay a high premium for malpractice insurance. When a physician is sued for malpractice, the premium rises to even higher levels, whether or not the physician is determined to be at fault. Many physicians have found that they are unable to cover the expenses of malpractice insurance, especially given the constant threat of a lawsuit. Numerous tests are being performed on patients with complaints of chest pain and numerous other afflictions, tests that would have not been performed in the past. Malpractice fears and the rising costs of malpractice insurance will mean physicians order testing that is often unnecessary, which will lead to higher health insurance costs for consumers.





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