Mileage Deductions 2009 - Better Gas Mileage
The Gas Mileage Bible
by Kenny Joines & Ron Hollenbeck

The Gas Mileage Bible is a must for anyone who drives a car. It's easy to understand if you do not know a lot of about cars, yet it has lots of information that would even interest those weekend mechanics. The authors provide simple scientific explanations on what causes losses and gains in fuel economy. In addition, they lay out clear-cut gas-saving solutions, breaking them down into straightforward categories: "no tech", "low tech", and "high tech", which makes it easy to understand how quickly and easily you can implement each solution.

One person improved their fuel economy in their two vehicles by at least 2 mpg without buying any upgrades or gadgets. They feel that "high tech" implement that can improve fuel economy even further. A must read if you drive a car


Mileage Deductions 2009 - Better Gas Mileage

Mileage Deductions 2009 * Better Gas Mileage

Better Gas Mileage for Truck is Easy and Affordable   
Carl LaFresnaye

There are many Truck and SUV gas savers. You can get more miles per gallon if you use some of the performance enhancing and fuel saving products for your truck.

Actually, the best way to get Better Gas Mileage for Truck is to increase your engine's fuel economy.

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Bland-looking Outback Gets A Roomy Interior, Good Mileage (Detroit Free Press)
Perhaps on the way to a sales record last year, Subaru took a right turn into the mainstream. The brand whose appeal has always rested on a combination of practicality and oddball charm underwent an emergency...


Truck Savers

Your vehicle really has a lot of hidden potential to save you money for gas. If you add products like Hypertech, True Flow, Tornado or Superchips the gas, your engine will definitely consume less gasoline. These are products from top name brands, and you can use any one of them and see a difference in Better Gas Mileage for Truck.

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1996 Volkswagen Passat GLX From North America - Comments (
Everything... The transmission is going out, the water pump has failed (twice), the dashboard flashes on and off, the odometer has stopped working, the ABS light is always coming on, poor gas mileage,...


Shades and Bed Covers

Other effective gas saving products are extra tops for the truck or vent shades which will also help you to save at the gas pumps. The gas saving truck bed covers are also a popular concept today and they can provide 5 to 10 percent fuel savings. If you cover the bed with a tonneau cover, it reduces wind drag and resistance. This automatically gives you Better Gas Mileage for Truck

Let us see how truck bed covers work. When airflow passes the truck's cab, the flow is separated behind the cab and then enters the truck bed resulting in a drag, if the bed is not covered. The best method of decreasing the drag and thereby increasing fuel economy is to install a tonneau cover over the truck head. This helps to maintain good aerodynamics.

Common Tips

Some improvements regarding Better Gas Mileage for Truck are easy to accomplish just by staying aware of gas saving basics and changing old habits. Don't forget about the environment and the cleanliness of the air that we breathe.

Keep your vehicle tuned up and running like it should, and you are bound to use less gas. Make sure that your tires are inflated according to the recommendation of the manufacturer, and wheel alignment is just as important for Better Gas Mileage for Truck.

Try and keep the roof clear, unless it is absolutely necessary. Driving a truck at high speed consumes more gas, so slow down a little in general. Acceleration and braking continuously also is bad for gas mileage, so use your cruise control on the highway so that you can maintain a constant speed.

Use a good brand of gas, one which has detergent additives so that the system is kept clean. The gas need not be the expensive premium, if the manufacturer recommends regular for your truck.

While driving, if you stop at traffic lights, turn the motor off. You should not sit and idle for ten minutes, it is just a waste of precious gasoline. Try and avoid drive-thru windows, where you have to wait in long lines. It is better to park the truck and do your work.

Planning routes and combining trips are important aspects as well. Try to plan your route so that you can avoid congested and high-traffic areas where there are traffic jams and too many traffic lights. Combining trips to carry out several jobs at the same time should also be done, you have Better Gas Mileage for Truck and you save time.

Air conditioning consumes more gas, and whenever possible turn it off, and use the vents instead. Park in the shade, so that the truck does not heat up too much during the stop. Keep the air conditioning well serviced.

Do not carry unnecessary load in your truck. You can always remove the unnecessary items from the truck bed or cargo area, and by lightening the load, you will get Better Gas Mileage for Truck

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