Moving Boxes


Rick Kelly


Moving Boxes

Most people donít like moving because it involves a lot of stress and they think many of their belongings will get damaged this process. Despite the general strain, moving can be easy and even fun if you have the right moving supplies.

Moving boxes can make packing and transportation of your personal items safer, and they can ensure that your belongings will get to your final destination in perfect condition. It is important to know what kind of moving boxes you need. This depends on the articles you want to pack. A moving boxesí strength is very important to protect the items you are shipping. Weaker moving boxes can get easily damaged, so it is better to use the strongest moving boxes you can find. The strength of moving boxes has nothing to do with their size. You can usually find information about the strength of your moving boxes from the certificate printed on the bottom of the box. Moving boxes made from corrugated cardboard are stronger than other types of boxes. You should choose the size of your moving boxes depending on what type of things you want to pack: for example, for books you can use smaller moving boxes while bigger moving boxes can be used for clothes.

Besides moving boxes, you will need other packing supplies like tape and plastic air-bubble cushioning. Other moving supplies that you need are: packing paper or paper towels to protect your delicate items, PVC tape, permanent markers to list the content of the moving boxes and some stickers to identify your moving boxes. Make sure you purchase all the packing supplies you need in advance. Large items need special packing supplies so make sure you determine what your exact moving supplies needs are before you start packing. All of your items must be packed in moving boxes the day before you plan on moving so that when the moving van arrives everything is ready for transportation.

When you start packing, it is advisable to pack the items in each room at the same time. This way it will be easier to unpack. Also, you should pack heavier items in smaller moving boxes so they wonít be very difficult to transport. There are special moving boxes in which you can pack your clothes. These wardrobe boxes are very useful to maintain your clothes in perfect condition until unpacking. Depending on the content of your moving boxes you should label them as non-fragile, fragile and extra fragile. This way, the workers that help you move will know to be more careful when transporting items that can be easily damaged.


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