Simplifying One of Life’s Most Complex Events — The EaseUrMove Kit by Easy Moving, Inc.


Joanne Levine


America is on the move! According to the U.S. Census Bureau, each year, one in seven Americans moves. Wait ‘til they all get their hands on the new EaseUrMove Kit—a clever organization system that simplifies the complexities of moving. (PRWEB) April 29, 2005 -- The EaseUrMove Kit is the brainchild of Kathy Capodice, a mobile Chicagoan who founded Easy Moving, Inc. in 2003. Capodice and her husband have weathered 10 moves between them in a 10-year period. Moving can be time-consuming and stressful—in fact, it rates as one of life’s 10 most stressful events. Good news: moving has just gotten easier…and even a little bit fun. “Our promise is to help people move in a fun, easy, well-organized manner,” says Capodice, who drew on her own hard-earned wisdom to create the kit. “We’ve boiled it down to a three-step process: plan it, pack it, move it.” The EaseUrMove Kit offers page after page of essential tips, hints, and To Do’s, plus 216 labels that make packing efficient and manageable. It’s so “packed” with valuable information, homeowners will keep it close by their side—and stay cool, calm and organized during the hectic weeks that lead up to moving day. The colorful workbook contains 72 must-do To Do’s that cover everything from notifying the cable company…to transferring school records…to draining fuel from the lawnmower. And because lost belongings are every homeowner’s nightmare, the kit features a foolproof inventory system, with pictorial, color-coded labels for every room of the house written in both English and Spanish. You can even add on child-friendly room labels for kids to put their names on! Each box can be labeled, each label can be numbered. On moving day, homeowners check each box off their list as it’s unloaded. No more discovering that boxes are missing only after the movers are gone! No more trying to figure out which box goes in which room! No more “What-Do-I-Unpack-First?” panic attacks either. The kit contains nifty inventory sheets, so the homeowners can quickly jot down the contents of each box. In addition, the EaseUrMove Kit includes thoughtful tips, a suggested “Moving Day Survival Kit,” and space for personal notes. There is even amusing “moving trivia” to break that pre-move tension, offered by a whimsical cartoon guide named Marti the Mover. (Did you know that, after moving into the White House, President Gerald Ford called it “the best public housing I’ve ever seen?”) “The average cost of a move is $4,000,” says the fiscally-minded CPA. “A chunk of that cost is unnecessary—the result of poor planning and bad information. Many tips are geared to reducing moving and packing costs.” For example, did you know moving rates are lowest in the middle of the month? The kit retails for $ 19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling when purchased from the website. Because it’s brand new, the only retail store carrying it at this time is Walgreen’s at 641 N. Clark St in Chicago. More information is available at www.easeurmove.com. If you’re the one in seven who’s about to make a move, getting an EaseUrMove Kit could be…your smartest move.















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