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Why Incorporate your business in Nevada?

Incorporation in Nevada has become an attractive option for savvy business entrepreneurs, and for good reason. Nevada corporations enjoy many benefits just not available anywhere else. You will also know what to be aware of when incorporating in Nevada, and how to avoid the most common first-time mistakes.

Advantages of Nevada Corporations

A Nevada corporation has many benefits above the other states. Namely, business owners enjoy the following benefits:


Very favorable taxation environment. There are no taxes on corporate or even private income, capital, corporate shares or even equity transfers. Nevada also doesn't have a franchise tax.

Corporate meetings can be conducted anywhere. They don't have to be held in the state.

Officers and directors of the corporation do not have to be residents of the state or U.S. citizens

Minimal reporting and disclosure requirements. No annual report of stockholder meeting dates is required; only the current list of officers and directors is necessary.

Directors don't have to be shareholders, and can be nominees

Bearer shares are permitted

Shareholders aren't public record. Nevada statutes even have sanctions against the use of corporate records by those outside of the corporation in a manner detrimental to shareholder interests

No IRS information sharing agreement

Nevada corporations can buy, sell, hold or even transfer shares of their own stock

Piercing the corporate veil is very demanding in Nevada. In greater than two decades of case law, there has only been 1 incident where piercing the veil has happened, making it the toughest state in the union.

Corporations can be formed for the sole purpose of asset protection

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