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Carl Test
 When will the instant loans start?  What is the fastest I can receive my tax loan money?   What is the cost?
 Can I receive Next Day Tax Cash if I have bad credit? 
Click on the question you want me to answer
 Why would the bank not make me a loan?
Will I always receive a tax loan?  Where is your nearest location?
Can I get a tax loan using my pay stubs? What is Next Day Tax Cash? 

Next Day Tax Cash is a refund anticipation loan (RAL) is exactly what its name implies. It is a loan given in anticipation of a tax refund being deposited by the IRS.

After your return has been prepared, electronically filed and accepted by the IRS, The Bank will process the RAL request. If approved, the Bank will then subtract any authorized fees, and a Direct Deposit will be made to the bank account.

The best part is that all fees, including finance, processing and preparation are withheld from the loan.

Once the IRS directly deposits the refund at our bank, the loan is paid off.

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