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Finding Bankruptcy Assistance Online
John Mussi

Bankruptcy can bring more problems with it than you might expect... especially if you're not entirely sure what bankruptcy is. Luckily, there are a variety of online resources that can not only educate you as to the ins and outs of bankruptcy but can also assist you with your filing or help you to find an alternative to filing for bankruptcy.

Of course, the topic of bankruptcy is rather broad and can't be completely covered within the limited scope of this article. Instead, this article is simply meant to point the way to further information and to possibly help answer some questions that you might have concerning bankruptcy.

If you have questions that can't be answered with the information provided here, you should consult an attorney or bankruptcy specialist in your area to make sure that you have the best information that pertains to you and your personal situation.

What Bankruptcy Is

Bankruptcy is a legal filing that makes the claim that you are in debt to the point that you cannot reasonably recover without the assistance of the courts. When you file for bankruptcy, a court-appointed representative will go through your debts and recommend to the court that some of the debts be discharged (meaning that they are legally excused and no longer have to be paid), and other debts may be reduced.

This representative will then work with you and your creditors to create a repayment plan which will be overseen by the court system; in most cases the amount to be repaid is deducted automatically from your payroll cheque before you even get a chance to see the money. These deductions will continue until the remaining debt is paid off, after which point the bankruptcy itself is discharged.

It's important to note that not all eligible debts will be discharged, and that not all types of debt are eligible for discharge. The court will usually only discharge those debts that it is obvious that you won't be able to pay, and any property that you have which is under lien is likely to be sold as a part of the bankruptcy process. Court-appointed debts such as child support and alimony payments are never discharged, and will still be due after the bankruptcy.

Finding Bankruptcy Information Online

In order to find additional information on bankruptcy and bankruptcy specialists online, you should use your preferred search engine and do a search on the legal and technical aspects of filing for bankruptcy in the area where you live. You can also use online telephone directories to search for experts in your area, or for law firms that specialize in bankruptcy cases.

You might also want to look for forums dedicated to those who have gone through a bankruptcy in your area, in order to get more of a "first hand" look at what bankruptcy is like. This will enable you to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult aspects of filing for bankruptcy and the recovery period afterward.

Bankruptcy Alternatives Online

Just as you can find information on bankruptcy online, you should also be able to find information on bankruptcy alternatives. This may include consumer credit counseling agencies and other related services, tips for self-regulation and debt relief, and possibly information on low-interest debt consolidation loans using home equity or other high-value collateral.

You should keep in mind, however, that there are a number of scams created to prey on those who are down on their luck financially. Do your research on any bankruptcy alternatives that you find to keep from becoming a fraud statistic.

You may freely reprint this article provided the following author's biography (including the live URL link) remains intact:

John Mussi is the founder of Direct Online Loans who help homeowners find the best available loans via the website.




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