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Seven Steps on How to File for Bankruptcy
Roy Barker

In the 21st century, many men and women find themselves struggling to keep their heads above water financially. With ever mounting debt, these people oftentimes need to seek relief by filing for bankruptcy. Perhaps you are such a person who is fighting to make ends meet. As a result, you may be wondering how to file for bankruptcy.

The first step in learning how to file for bankruptcy is to make a comprehensive list of all of your creditors and outstanding debts. When you are working to determine how to file for bankruptcy, you need to appreciate that if you to proceed with a bankruptcy case, you must be sure that all of your debts are disclosed and listed in a bankruptcy petition.

The next step in filing for bankruptcy is to determine exactly what assets you have available to you. Your assets include your recurring income from your job, your home and major items of personal property that you might own (including such items as motor vehicles).

The third step you need to undertake when it comes to seeking bankruptcy relief is to contact all three major credit bureaus. When all is said and done, the three major credit bureaus may have the best record of all of your outstanding debt. By obtaining your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus, you will be able to cross reference your list of debt to make certain that you have all accounts covered and listed.

The forth factor that needs to be considered on the road to filing for bankruptcy, is to determine whether you will seek professional assistance in the pursuit of a bankruptcy case. Some people do elect to file for bankruptcy on their own without the aid and assistance of a lawyer. However, in most instances, it probably is in your best interest to seek the professional assistance of a lawyer in order to properly pursue a bankruptcy case. Therefore, unless you have a very simple bankruptcy on the horizon and unless you actually have some definite, practical legal experience, you should seek out the assistance of a lawyer to aid you in pursuing your case.

In working towards fully understanding how to file for bankruptcy, if you do make the decision to hire a lawyer, you will need to begin an organized search to find the best attorney to meet your needs. Keep in mind that in this day and age there are lawyers that specialize specifically in the area of consumer bankruptcies. As a result, you most likely will want to narrow your search to those specific attorneys who do have experience in dealing with bankruptcy cases. In the long run, you will be best served by engaging the services of a lawyer who has dedicated his or her career to bankruptcy law.

Once you narrow down the list of attorneys you are considering, the next phase in considering bankruptcy is to obtain references in regard to each of these attorneys' prior performance. References will provide you with specific information on how a particular lawyer handles his or her business and on how successful he or she has been in the pursuit of prior bankruptcy cases. Your local bar association can provide you with the names of lawyers that specialize in the practice of bankruptcy law.

The final step in considering bankruptcy is to actually engage the services of an attorney. At this juncture, you attorney will prepare a bankruptcy petition on your behalf that will be filed in the bankruptcy court. With the filing, your creditors will have to suspend seeking debt collection from you during the period in which the bankruptcy case is pending.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to take serious action in order to get your financial house in order. Of course, bankruptcy really is an option of last resort when it comes to dealing with impossible debt. Therefore, you need to make sure you have exhausted any alternative options before you actually begin the course of pursuing a bankruptcy case.

Publisher & Author - Billy Baxter - There is a free attorney selection tool along with more relevant bankruptcy assistance, eye opening articles and up to date news at Billy's site, see it all here at




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