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What You Need to Know About the New Bankruptcy Laws
Mike Freemen

While no one likes to think about the subject of bankruptcy, the fact is that more and more people these days are finding themselves contemplating filing bankruptcy. It is not hard to understand why bankruptcy filings are on the rise. The levels of debt are rising faster than are incomes, and more and more people are finding themselves at a loss and wondering what to do.

While bankruptcy can seem like the best way to get off to a clean start, it is important to thoroughly consider all other options before taking the serious step of filing bankruptcy. For one thing, a bankruptcy filing will follow you for years, and it may be difficult for those who have filed bankruptcy to obtain loans, lines of credit or mortgages until the bankruptcy is off their record.

Another reason to seriously consider alternatives to bankruptcy is the fact that the bankruptcy laws have recently changed. The bankruptcy filing system, and the rules associated with filing bankruptcy, have recently undergone a total overhaul, and this means that many debtors will be required to pay back a larger percentage of what they owe when filing bankruptcy.

The rules associated with bankruptcy are largely determined by the annual income of the bankruptcy filer. Those debtors whose incomes are higher than the average for their state may find themselves required to pay back more of the money they owe in a bankruptcy filing, so it is important for those in such a situation to consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney before making a move.

Of course for many people filing bankruptcy is unavoidable, and for many people this last resort is truly a fresh start and a new lease on life. The key is to thoroughly research the bankruptcy laws for your state, and to thoroughly understand the rules that may apply to your situation. The bankruptcy laws vary quite a bit from state to state. In some states bankruptcy filers can keep a great deal of personal property and real estate, while in other states they are entitled to keep next to nothing. It is important to know where you stand before filing bankruptcy.

The purpose of these new bankruptcy laws, of course, is to cut down on past abuses of the system, and there is no doubt that these abuses have occurred from time to time. For honest people in debt, however, these laws may have some serious impacts. It is important for every consumer to become educated in just what these law changes will ultimately mean.

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