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The Advancement in an Individuals Ability to Print Postage Stamps

By: Craig Thornburrow
When the USPS allowed customers to print postage stamps from online sources, they opened up a whole new world. Almost everyone has a need for postage at one point or another. It is safe to say that everyone will use at least one stamp in their lifetime. Before online postage a person had to go to the post office or other approved retailer to get a postage stamp. Sometimes this could be rather inconvenient and even annoying. With the availability to print postage stamps at home people are finding postage is no longer adding another errand to their day. They can easily and quickly get the postage they need right in the comfort of their own home.
There has been a way to print postage stamps for quite some time. Postage meters allow a person to print their own postage, too. These meters, though, cost a rental fee and are usually only found in businesses where the rental cost is outweighed by the amount of postage needed. In a home setting the person probably would not need enough postage to make this option reasonable. In addition, the postage meter has to be loaded at the post office when it runs out. What this means is that the meter owner puts a certain amount of postage on the machine and once it is used more has to be bought. This can be just as big of a hassle as running to the post office to purchase postage.
Online postage allows a person to print postage stamps without needing special equipment or having to ever visit the post office. There are a variety of postage sites that sell online postage. All a person needs to do is go to the website, purchase their postage and then print it on their home computer. It really is that simple.
The ability to print postage stamps has never been so easy. People have busy lives today and having this new convenience is greatly appreciated. Many people use these online postage services and have even printed their own postage today.
Craig Thornburrow is an Author and Business Owner. Find out how to print postage stamps at


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