Enneagram = 9 Temperament Types = Power of Nine = Key of Joy and Happiness
The Enneagram in Love and Work
by Helen Palmer

She made the enneagram a usable tool. Her book remain the best in a growing field. Her grasp of the subject is head and shoulders above the rest, simply because she trusts the voices of her interviewees to speak their truth rather than draw conclusions about personalities based on observation and abstraction.

Her grasp of the material is enormous and the insights on relationships - given the limited context of a book - are almost spooky. Her description of their different Temperament Types that marry in the "Directory of Relationships" read like a psychologist's summary after meeting with them for a year. This section of the book is an ambitious undertaking by Palmer - pairing all the types and describing typical strengths, issues and characteristics of the combinations.

Listen to Helen Palmer Video as she explain the Temperaments

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Enneagram = 9 Temperament Types = Power of Nine = Key of Joy and Happiness
Did you know?

The Power of Nine is your Key to Happiness and Joy.

There are nine Temperaments. Fifty percent (50%) of your happiness is determined by your Temperament.

Understanding your Temperament Type allows you to work with it and increase your own happiness. The ways individual people inherently view the world/themselves and process information are not the same but do tend to group in different clumps.

Pick the person about that you admire, like and think you are like and click on that number below and listen to the Video.

One way to view this distribution is as nine basic Temperaments Types. They all need different experiences to be really happy.

What do they really want?

Temperament One examples are: Hillary Clinton, Tom Brokaw, Martha Stewart, Al Gore, and Tony Randall. These people want to be good. They have high ideals and value and are attracted to situations where those ideals are met. They want to realize all their potential and help others actualize theirs. They envision making the world a better place to live.

Temperament Two examples are: Bill Cosby, Alan Alda, Nancy Reagan, Dolly Parton, and Pat Boone. These people want to know they are loving. They want to nurture others and foster relationships. They value and are attracted to love. They envision making the world a more loving place to live.

Temperament Three examples are: Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and Bill Clinton. These people are attracted to and value productivity, industry, and competence. They envision making the world more productive, organized, efficient, and smooth running. They see the universe as chaos and want to really make it a cosmos, a harmonious and orderly system.

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Temperament Four examples are: Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage, Neil Diamond, and Angelina Jolie. These people want to be unique individuals with lots of originality. They enjoy putting their personal touch on everything in which they are involved. They also value beauty and want to make the world a more beautiful place to live.

Temperament Five examples are: Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Howard Hughes, George Lucas, and Karl Marx. These people long for wisdom, understanding, knowledge, truth. They want to make the world a more enlightened place by discovering what is real and true and making it more intelligible to others.

Temperament Six examples are: Helen Palmer, Michael Moore, Tom Hanks, Rush Limbaugh, Richard Nixon, and Mel Gibson. These people want to make the world a safer, more secure, more reliable, more trustworthy place to live and they will question anyone’s authority in their effort to do so. They value loyalty in themselves and others and stand by their commitments.

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Temperament Seven examples are: Robin Williams, Steve Jobs, Tom Hanks, Anthony Quinn, and Terry Bradshaw. These people want to enjoy life and experience all its possibilities. They value joy and variety. They envision making the world a more delightful place to live.

Temperament Eight examples are: Martin Luther King, Jr., FDR, Sean Connery, Donald Trump, and John Wayne. These people want to live life fully and freely. They are attracted to, appreciate, and effectively use power. They envision using their strength to influence others and bring about a more just world where power and resources are equitably distributed.

Temperament Nine examples are: Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Stewart, Carl Jung, and Dwight Eisenhower. These people want to feel at one with others and at home in the universe. They value peace, harmony, and unity. They envision making the world a more harmonious, ecumenical, and comfortable place to live for everyone.

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What is President Obama's Temperament?

We at the Just Wait Foundation cannot resist the temptation to determine the Temperament Type of public figures. And while we know that we are really only guessing at Temperament Type by observing external cues rather than “knowing” what inside a person, we can’t seem to help ourselves. That’s okay, just as long as we don’t take ourselves to seriously. By taking a guess at a Temperament Type, when you don’t know the person: we can only say the public figure “appears” to be a certain Temperament Type, rather than claiming we know definitively a public person’s Temperament Type. Only the person involved can determine their Temperament Type. That is only after some “deep” soul searching and armed with the knowledge of the differences of the types.

With that disclaimer, let’s take a look at the current president. Our problem is to determine what is the Temperament Type of President Obama. The problem is that his Temperament Type does not neatly fit a clear-cut pattern.

It is widely accepted the John McCain has the Temperament number; we called eight (8). In the last election he spent months positioning himself as the heir to Ronald Reagan's conservative movement. Poll data, however, show that Obama better embodies some of Reagan's key personality traits, than McCain. It is widely accepted the Ronald Reagan has the Temperament number; we call nine (9).

In 2008, the California-based E-Poll Market Research conducted monthly surveys of more than 1,000 voting-age men and women nationwide. This survey firm has no knowledge of the Enneagram or the Temperament Types and was not trying to determine such. Each person in the sample is given a list of 46 attributes and is asked to say which of these traits he or she believes applies to a given celebrities including the then presidential candidates. The survey compares these two candidates with other celebrities based on five character traits:

1. Articulate
2. Intelligent
3. Confidence
4. Experienced
5. Influential

Obama's closest match was Reagan. In fact, the two politicians share identical or near-identical ratings on Intelligence and Confidence. While most respondents label both Obama and Reagan as confident and intelligent, the attribute on which they differ most highlights a different issue for Obama was: experience.

What Temperament is Brack Obama?

Daniel Goldman, author of Emotional Intelligence
Does Temperament Matter?

In the following Time magazine articles, the four historians who are making comments about the President’s temperaments, do not have any knowledge of the Enneagram or the Temperament types, but are describing certain characteristics that are different characteristics of the nine (9) different Temperament Types.

It is interesting that the front cover of the Time magazine has two, what we call, Temperament eights (8): FDR and McCain and two Temperament nines (9): Lincoln and Obama.

Articles from this issue of TIME Magazine

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