Teenage Substance Prevention - drugs - drug testing - drug test - drug abuse
How Substance Abuse Ravages America and What to Do About It
by Joseph Califano, Jr.

High Society

Joseph Califano, Jr. describes his new book, High Society: How Substance Abuse Ravages America and What to Do About It, as a "call to arms". Califano, Chairman and President of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, presents in devastating detail the many ways in which substance abuse infects all aspects of American society.

Many of the statistics he weaves into his argument are familiar. In their entirety, however, they paint the portrait of a nation drenched in alcohol and substance abuse.


Teenage Substance Prevention - drugs - drug testing - drug test - drug abuse

How do you get a child to the age of 21 substance free?

The outspoken former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, noting that a child who reaches age 21 without smoking, using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol is virtually certain never to do so, chronicles the personal agony and public cost of our failure to act on this truth.

From the man who in 1978 mounted the nation's first anti-smoking campaign and declared smoking "Public Health Enemy Number One" comes a call for a fundamental change in our attitude about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and a revolution in the way we deal with it.

In HIGH SOCIETY, Joseph A. Califano, Jr. shows how substance abuse has touched every family and circle of friends in America and causes and aggravates the nation's most wrenching social problems – violent and property crimes, soaring health care costs, family breakup, domestic violence and child abuse, the spread of AIDS, teen pregnancy, poverty, and low productivity. Americans comprise only four percent of the world's population but consume two-thirds of the world's illegal durgs.

Nearly a quarter of the nation's college students meet the clinical criteria for alcohol and drug abuse and addiction.

Every American child will be offered illegal drugs before graduating from high school, most on several occasions. The facts are:

61 million Americans are hooked on cigarettes;
16 to 20 million are addicted to alcohol or abuse it regularly;
More than 15 million abuse prescription opioids, depressants and stimulants each year; 15 million smoke marijuana;
2.4 million use cocaine; more than 60,000 use crack;
More than half a million are hooked on heroin;
More than 500,000 are methamphetamine users;
One million use Ecstasy and hallucinogens like LSD and PCP;
Almost two million of our children have used steroids;
4.5 million teens have used controlled prescription drugs like OxyContin, Vicodin, Ritalin and Adderall to get high.

Califano calls for a cultural change potent enough to prompt a revolution in the nation's criminal justice, medical, educational and social service systems and foreign policy priorities, and to awaken the power of parenting to raise drug free children and teens.

This book is an inspiration for our nation to end the denial, stamp out the stigma associated with alcoholism and addiction, and commit the energy and resources to confront a plague that has maimed and killed more Americans than all our wars, natural catastrophes and traffic accidents combined.

The Just Wait Teen Program

The Just Wait Teen™ program is life enhancing and is not a rehabilitation program, or is not a drug education program. Its objective is to encourge a teen to reach 21 years - substance free.

The Just Wait Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation to prevent drug, alcohol, and tobacco problems among teenagers. The Foundation provides one-year scholarships (two semesters) at a Community College or $1000 award to teens that completes the Just Wait Teen™ Positive Youth Development Program, obtains a GED, or graduates from high school - alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.

We offer free leadership training for any person or group that wants to start this program in their community. Visit this web site for upcoming dates. http://meaningfuljoy.info/workshop

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