Teenage Substance Prevention - drugs - drug testing - drug test - drug abuse
How Substance Abuse Ravages America and What to Do About It
by Joseph Califano, Jr.

High Society

Joseph Califano, Jr. describes his new book, High Society: How Substance Abuse Ravages America and What to Do About It, as a "call to arms". Califano, Chairman and President of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, presents in devastating detail the many ways in which substance abuse infects all aspects of American society.

Many of the statistics he weaves into his argument are familiar. In their entirety, however, they paint the portrait of a nation drenched in alcohol and substance abuse.


Teenage Substance Prevention - drugs - drug testing - drug test - drug abuse
Teenage Substance Prevention - drugs - drug testing - drug test - drug abuse * Teens Need To Know About Smoking

What Teens Need To Know About Smoking   
Jon Simms

Each year, millions of people die from smoking-linked diseases.

The form is possible to improve yearly as more litter people are charming up the deadly vice. The youngest smoker is a 7-year-old kid who earns his keep scrounging for recyclable scraps.

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This scenario is in a third world country and is just the tip of an iceberg. Smoking is ingestion away brood lives but earning governments billions of dollars in tax revenues. So the emanate remainder unresolved, similar to the early dire overall warming predictions, which many show to discount.

Several cancers results of time of smoking and infantile people are at a higher venture because of their early and prolonged exposure to the poison. Nevertheless quitting smoking is just as tricky as quitting heroin. Support groups are open to help people get out of the rat weakness and found living recovered lives. Nevertheless it is difficult. Smoking is not illegal and minors immovable smoking are not penalized. Therefore, the vicious rotation continues. If you parent with youth who smoke, you should be alarmed and take immediate action to help your teens desert the addictive routine.

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Helping Teens Quit Smoking

A distraught mom reported that her son and daughter were immovable smoking in their rooms. The betraying whiff of cigarette smoke gave away the enigma. Empty cigarette packs and cigarette butt were open in the gibberish bin. Alarmed, she reported the skirmish to her husband, also a non-smoker and together they educated their children on the dangers of smoking, enlisting them in rehabilitation and keep program to help wean their children from smoking.

If you can't fastener your children smoking at home, try to find out who they sling out with, and where they consume time after educate. Somehow, superstar will be able to tell you if your teenager's contacts are into smoking for the fun of it.

Telling your son or daughter not to go with their smoking links will not yield any capable significance. Instead, provoke their links over and show them YouTube videos on the irreversible effects of smoking on the body. Give them books on the produce of smoking or invite a surgeon to your children's drill or to a homeowners' association seminar to converse the perils of smoking. Organize parents and ask the teach's administration and faculty to wage war on smoking. There shouldn't be smoking and non-smoking areas in schools. Instead, smoking should be banned outright. Amid protests, you can always make it obvious that sometimes parents and teachers have to be cruel to be kind. Smoking is deadly and there is no other euphemism for it.

Be unswerving in your labors to wage war against teen smoking. Smoking teens will be smoking adults and will undergo the consequences in the upcoming. Instead of waiting at disaster to assault, plus the movement now. If you fondness your teens, put your bottom down. They'll thank you for your sustained labors to help them get rid of a deadly and costly addiction.

To learn about lung cancer prognosis and lung cancer statistics, visit the Lung Cancer Facts website.

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