Gratitude is the key
A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted
by Will Bowen

Did you know that the words you use can affect your attitude and your behavior? Bowen's challenge can teach you how to take charge of your thoughts, words, and your life. Bowen invites you to join the movement. Yes, this is more than a book; it is a shift in your consciousness.

Bowen writes, "People just like you have shared stories with me of chronic pain relieved, relationships healed, careers improved, and having become an overall happier person."

Instead of a mask or washing your hands for this epidemic, Bowen suggests a purple bracelet. How can a purple bracelet stop an epidemic? The purple bracelet is a tool to help you stop the complaining. Bowen challenges us all to stop complaining for 21 days.


Gratitude is the key
In your hands, you hold the secret to transforming your life. Big words? Yes, but this is a plan that has already proven itself with millions of people around the world. Will Bowen developed the life-changing A Complaint Free World plan based on the simple idea that goodthings will happen for you in abundance if you can just leave your grumbling behind. In a Sunday-morning sermon, Will told his congregation he wanted to make the world a complaint-free zone and, to prove he was serious, he passed out purple bracelets to each church member and offered them a challenge. "If you catch yourself complaining, take the bracelet and move it to the other wrist."

Now,more than six million people have taken up the challenge, trying to go twenty-one consecutive days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, and in so doing, forming a new, positive habit. By changing your words, you can change your thoughts and then begin to create your life by design. People have shared stories with Will of chronic pain relieved, relationships healed, careers improved, and becoming an overall happier person. Less pain, improved health, satisfying relationships, a better job, being more serene and joyous--sound good? It's not only possible, it's probable. Consciously striving to reformat your mental hard drive is not easy, but you can start now by using the steps Bowen presents here.

You can learn what constitutes a complaint, why we complain, what benefits we think we receive from complaining, how complaining is destructive to our lives, and how we can get others around us to stop complaining. You will learn the steps to eradicating this poisonous form of expression from your life. If you stay with it, you will find that not only will you not complain, but others around you will cease to do so as well. In a short period of time, you can have the life you've always dreamed of having.

1. The easiest way to do it, is to attend one of our Workshops

2. If you want to do it yourself, for 10 weeks, log in a journal, once a week, 5 things your are grateful. The exact instructions are:
There are many things in your life, both large and small, that you might be grateful about. For 10 weeks, think back over the events of the past week and write down the five things that happened for which you are grateful or thankful.

3. Order a No Complaint Bracelet and master the 21 day challenage. - it is free

To obtain a FREE bracelet. Although the bracelet is free and there is no handling charge, there is a small charge just for the postage.

If you cannot stop complainting, you will NEVER have lasting happiness!!!!!

There are many ways to take control of your happiness. The above in only one way. For a more indepth study check our workshops

The Just Wait Teen Program

The Just Wait Teen™ program is life enhancing and is not a rehabilitation program, or is not a drug education program. Its objective is to encourge a teen to reach 21 years - substance free.

The Just Wait Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation to prevent drug, alcohol, and tobacco problems among teenagers. The Foundation provides one-year scholarships (two semesters) at a Community College or $1000 award to teens that completes the Just Wait Teen™ Positive Youth Development Program, obtains a GED, or graduates from high school - alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.

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