Identity Theft by Phishing
Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan
by Frank W. Abagnale

Stealing Your Life is more frightening than a gory murder mystery. Any one of us, from cradle to grave, is vulnerable to a swindle that can wreck us emotionally, cost us serious money, ruin our credit ratings, and take us years to straighten out. Identity theft is here to stay, and as long as legislators, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and individuals fail to take it seriously, the number of victims will continue to climb.

For thirty-two years, the author has been a law-abiding citizen; his criminal past, famously recounted in the book and film "Catch Me If You Can," is a distant memory. However, he knows how crooks think, and this knowledge has led to a lucrative career as a consultant for the FBI and corporations all over the world in preventing frauds and scams. Abagnale is horrified at how easy and tempting identity theft is for the budding criminal. He calls it "a crook's dream come true."


Identity Theft by Phishing

Finding Peace after Identity Theft

Identity Theft by Phishing * Finding Peace After Identity Theft

Finding Peace after Identity Theft   
Tony Robinson

When a person fall victim of identity theft, rarely do they find peace thereafter.

Victims of identity theft often struggle with paperwork, reports, credit reports, courts, police and the list goes on. The person will labor hours throughout a week to restore his or her life, and rarely is any help available.

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Bogus Tweet Fears Dog AFL (Herald Sun)
PLAYERS have been urged to report fake Twitter accounts as internet identity theft continues to dog the AFL.


Victims of identity theft have gone to jail for crimes they did not commit, and have been summon to court for debts they had nothing to do with. The victim is often rejected when applying for jobs or credit lines, and often goes through life feeling like a target of persecution. Identity theft victims feel angry and the anger burns deeper when the law makes little effort to apprehend the criminal, and the anger grows when the creditors assume that the perpetrator is the victim and trying to avoid paying his or her debts.

Credit bureaus place Fraud Alerts on consumers credit reports, which rises assumption in creditors rather than help the victim. The fraud alerts read as follow: #HK ID Fraud Victim Alert:" A message from the victim follows: Your identity is possibly being used by someone other side of your self to fraudulently make purchases and/or open accounts, et cetera. Be advised that the perpetrator may open accounts, apply for jobs or credit cards and even commit crimes in your name. We recommend placing an alert on your reports to avoid extending of future credit without notifying you first.

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Phishing Scam Targets UW E-mail Accounts (The Badger Herald)
Campus officials are urging students to be alert after two new phishing scams targeting the University of Wisconsin’s NetID login service were detected.
Symantec Reports Surge In Phishing Attacks ( Via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
February saw a dramatic rise in phishing attacks and the use of current events to persuade unsuspecting web users to download malware, according to the latest monthly spam report from Symantec.


As you can see this does nothing for the victim, since it states, "may have been used." When perpetrators of identity theft utilizes the victims identity to purchase goods or services, or open accounts in the victims name, thus any delinquencies or judgments are placed on the victims report and not removed. An example of one dispute can be seen as follow: "US BKPT CT" Deleted. Thus, this particular deletion on a credit file is a bankruptcy where the victim of identity theft disputed. The victim had never gone to court in their life for bankruptcy and when an investigation was conducted, it was found the victim was telling the truth. Still, the bankruptcy was not removed from the reports; rather it stated Deleted and the information above, which could mean anything to creditors, who fail to, remember that a fraudulent alert is up above the deletion. Creditors often assume that the victim is claiming identity theft to get out of debts owed.

Thus, in this article I am going to link you to resources to help you in the event your identity is stolen. One of the first sources you will need to contact if you become victim of identity theft is, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), followed by Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse. Furthermore, you will need to contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Compliance Management, Federal Reserve Board, Office of Thrift Supervision Consumer Programs; National Credit Union Administration, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Division of Compliance & Consumer Affairs, Department of Transportation Office of Financial Management, and Department of Agriculture Office of Deputy Administration.

The Federal Trade Commission can provide you visions of your rights if you are victimized by an identity thief. The Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse will provide you facts and steps for reporting the crime. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Compliance Management is the nation wide Banks and Federal Branches that service foreigners and Americans. The Federal Reserve Board Division & Community Affairs will provide foreign and Americans information and link them to resources to help them fight to restore their identity. The Department of Transportation Office of Financial Management services the grounds, air, railroads, and so forth, thus the alert will let them know that someone has control of your information and could help you out. Thus, one victim was not aware that she should have reported identity theft to this source and when the woman applied for an ID, it took an hour since traces indicated that someone attempted to change her name.

Finally, the Department of Agriculture Office of Deputy Administrator (GIPSA) will set up an alert also, that may help you out when applying for a job.

Tony Robinson is an International Author, Webmaster and Security Guru.
Check out his Identity Theft Protection Tips at

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