Identity Theft by Phishing
Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan
by Frank W. Abagnale

Stealing Your Life is more frightening than a gory murder mystery. Any one of us, from cradle to grave, is vulnerable to a swindle that can wreck us emotionally, cost us serious money, ruin our credit ratings, and take us years to straighten out. Identity theft is here to stay, and as long as legislators, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and individuals fail to take it seriously, the number of victims will continue to climb.

For thirty-two years, the author has been a law-abiding citizen; his criminal past, famously recounted in the book and film "Catch Me If You Can," is a distant memory. However, he knows how crooks think, and this knowledge has led to a lucrative career as a consultant for the FBI and corporations all over the world in preventing frauds and scams. Abagnale is horrified at how easy and tempting identity theft is for the budding criminal. He calls it "a crook's dream come true."


Identity Theft by Phishing

Identity Theft Law

Identity Theft by Phishing * Identity Theft Law

Identity Theft Law - Protect Yourself from Thieves by Exercising Your Rights   
Carl LaFresnaye

Over the past few years, each new identity theft law seeks to protect consumers and businesses from what statistics show to be one of the fastest growing crimes in America today.

Know your rights and what kind of protection the government gives you by these two examples (one state law, the other federal) of US identity theft law.

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Bogus Tweet Fears Dog AFL (Herald Sun)
PLAYERS have been urged to report fake Twitter accounts as internet identity theft continues to dog the AFL.


Identity Theft Law - State Credit Freeze

Did you know that half the states in America today allow you to freeze your credit report? What can this do? Well, it can stop an identity thief from taking out a credit card under your name.

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Twitter Becomes More Proactive About Phishing (PC World)
Social networking site's anti-phishing service will focus on Twitter direct messages (DMs) -- private tweets addressed to a specific user -- and corresponding e-mail notifications.
Twitter To Screen Links For Phishing Scams (TechWorld)
Twitter to shorten URLs sent through the service to Twitter launched a new link-screening service on Tuesday aimed at preventing phishing and other malicious attacks against users of the popular...


If your credit report is frozen, three things happen:

1. A credit card company cannot access your files. 2. The company can't perform a credit check. 3. The credit card issuer can't give you a credit rating or score.

This means, no new credit card. Under this identity theft law, the only way to unfreeze your credit report is for you to use your PIN to allow access to your files.

You can exercise your right to a credit freeze by simply requesting it. If you've been a victim of identity theft, there's no charge. If not, there's a small fee – which you're definitely better off paying to avail yourself of the benefits of this identity theft law, rather than facing the consequences if you don't.

Credit freeze laws are already in force in the following states.
* California
* Colorado
* Connecticut
* Delaware
* Florida
* Hawaii
* Illinois
* Kansas
* Kentucky
* Louisiana
* Minnesota
* Nevada
* New Hampshire
* New Jersey
* North Carolina
* New York
* Oklahoma
* Pennsylvania
* Rhode Island
* South Dakota
* Texas
* Vermont
* Washington
* Wisconsin

Credit freeze will be available in Utah starting September 2008.

Identity Theft Law - ID Theft & Assumption Deterrence Act of 1998

This is the legislation that outlawed the new crime of identity theft. This cornerstone identity theft law outlaws:

The use or transfer, without having any legal authority, any means of identifying another individual to abet an illegal act that violates local, state, and/or federal laws.

The penalties under this identity theft law are: * 15 years in prison, maximum
* A fine
* And property used or meant to aid the crime will be forfeited

PLUS, the thief may also incure penalties (some sentences are up to 30 years, plus fines, etc.) under EACH of the following federal fraud laws that may have also been violated:
* Computer
* Credit Card
* Financial Institution
* Identification
* Mail
* Wire

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