Identity Theft by Phishing
Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan
by Frank W. Abagnale

Stealing Your Life is more frightening than a gory murder mystery. Any one of us, from cradle to grave, is vulnerable to a swindle that can wreck us emotionally, cost us serious money, ruin our credit ratings, and take us years to straighten out. Identity theft is here to stay, and as long as legislators, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and individuals fail to take it seriously, the number of victims will continue to climb.

For thirty-two years, the author has been a law-abiding citizen; his criminal past, famously recounted in the book and film "Catch Me If You Can," is a distant memory. However, he knows how crooks think, and this knowledge has led to a lucrative career as a consultant for the FBI and corporations all over the world in preventing frauds and scams. Abagnale is horrified at how easy and tempting identity theft is for the budding criminal. He calls it "a crook's dream come true."


Identity Theft by Phishing

Identity Theft Tips

Identity Theft by Phishing * Identity Theft Tips

Identity Theft Tips   
Tony Robinson

Identity theft is an ongoing crime, that in the year of 2004 alone more than eleven million victims lost their identity.

Now that we are in recession, the world is in chaos more so than ever and many people are desperate to survive.

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Bogus Tweet Fears Dog AFL (Herald Sun)
PLAYERS have been urged to report fake Twitter accounts as internet identity theft continues to dog the AFL.


Some thieves start as innocent citizens in the environment that have been pushed beyond their ability to cope with stress and stressors, thus allow criminal thinking to win them over and a crime in the making. Other thieves practice, since it is a form of entertainment, while other thieves have deeper motives behind that act.

Thus to fight identity theft the greatest tip of all is to learn all you can about the crime and steps to take in protecting your identity. The tip will include learning steps to take if you become the next victim of identity theft. You should also prepare you mentality, since it will be challenged throughout the trial of identity theft.

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Symantec Reports Surge In Phishing Attacks (
Shaun Nichols in San Francisco, , Friday 12 March 2010 at 02:23:00 Localised attacks on the increase, says security giant February saw a dramatic rise in phishing attacks and the use of current...


If you have taking all the steps to prevent identity theft, learn more tips to help you to keep fighting. If you are victimized by identity theft learn all you can to prevent further damage to your life.

What thieves do with identities?
When a thief takes an identity, he/she can open bank accounts in your name, apply for jobs and credit cards in your name, and file bankruptcy in your name. The list is only a selected choice of what thieves do with identities, since some identity thief will kill in your name.

Identity thieves can change your address and credit card and bank accounts, as well as sending your statements and bills to various addresses to confuse the law, thus slowing the process of learning who is the identity theft victim. Thieves can open cellular phone and land-base phone accounts in your name, or request utility hook-ups. Identity thieves can also open banking accounts, write checks, draining the accounts, and continue writing checks that instigates another crime, which you may face penalty.

Thieves will do various things with your identity, including handing you over to the law if they are caught. This means that if the thief is caught and fails to appear in court, you may be summons to court. The criminals could also get a driver license in your name, and if they are pulled over for, drinking and driving...guess who is in trouble.

We live in this cruel and vicious world and most times victims are persecuted, accused and pay more for a crime than any single criminal will ever pay. The law protects the rights of criminals, while victims' rights are fewer, and will do what they can for the criminal, while seating the victim in the shadows.

If you find you are victimized by identity theft, learn assertiveness, organizing skills, and the will to keep fighting. Online you will find all the information you need to learn the steps to fight the long battle of identity theft. To help your mental status visit the online discussion boards and talk freely about your situation without giving out personal information, including name and phone numbers. Make up a superficial name and ride with the rest of the victims of identity theft. Counselors may help, but they cannot restore your life.

Therefore, one of the greatest of the great tips to fight identity theft is to ALWAYS, keep witnesses and evidence linking you to where you say you are. If you have written evidence and witnesses, if you have to appear in court for what the trader did to you, thus you will have ammunition to fight the criminal and law. Remember, you are the victim of a crime and NO ONE is going to search harder and work harder than you to get the criminal put behind bars. Unfortunately, if the criminal is caught, the law will probably give him less time than you will spend recovering your identity and the criminal will pay less for the crime that what the general population will pay for the ongoing crime; still a measure of justice is there. Finally, do not forget...GOD provides the ultimate justice of any crime committed against you, so laugh at the law if the perpetrator of identity theft against you receives fifteen years for his crime, since the real justice is coming.

Tony Robinson is an International Author, Webmaster and Security Guru.
Check out his Identity Theft Protection Tips at

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