Identity Theft by Phishing
Stealing Your Life: The Ultimate Identity Theft Prevention Plan
by Frank W. Abagnale

Stealing Your Life is more frightening than a gory murder mystery. Any one of us, from cradle to grave, is vulnerable to a swindle that can wreck us emotionally, cost us serious money, ruin our credit ratings, and take us years to straighten out. Identity theft is here to stay, and as long as legislators, businesses, law enforcement agencies, and individuals fail to take it seriously, the number of victims will continue to climb.

For thirty-two years, the author has been a law-abiding citizen; his criminal past, famously recounted in the book and film "Catch Me If You Can," is a distant memory. However, he knows how crooks think, and this knowledge has led to a lucrative career as a consultant for the FBI and corporations all over the world in preventing frauds and scams. Abagnale is horrified at how easy and tempting identity theft is for the budding criminal. He calls it "a crook's dream come true."


Identity Theft by Phishing

hyped fear Identity Thief

Identity Theft by Phishing * Hyped Fear Identity Thief

Identity fraud - the most over hyped fear of our time   
Richard Goedegebuur

A leading identity theft expert used the credit industry's annual conference to show that the government has massively over-hyped public fear of the extent of identity fraud to sell its Identity Cards Bill.

He also urged the credit industry not to join the bandwagon by selling over-priced prevention products to over-anxious consumers, and to help combat the crime by supporting victims more readily.

Barry Stamp, Joint Managing Director of, presented to leading credit industry figures at the Institute of Credit Management's National Conference.

He showed how the government's estimated figure of £1.72bn worth of losses to the UK economy, caused by identity fraud, has been massively over-inflated. In particular, these include the costs of security checks for routine government functions and losses that reasonably cannot be included within the general understanding of identity fraud. This has whipped up public fear and in doing so is likely to obtain wider public support for the introduction of identity cards.

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Bogus Tweet Fears Dog AFL (Herald Sun)
PLAYERS have been urged to report fake Twitter accounts as internet identity theft continues to dog the AFL.


"The largest single component of the government's £1.72bn estimate is £504.8m worth of losses relating to plastic card fraud, taken from the figures reported in April 2005 by APACS. Closer examination of the APACS figures show that losses from identity fraud account for just over 7% of overall card fraud, so the true losses are only £36.9m. This example is one of many that clearly illustrates how the government has used a creative approach to the definition of what is and is not included within identity theft losses," said Stamp.

"Going on to include the £62.8m cost of the measures to counter identity fraud when processing passport applications, and another £34.8m for things like unpaid fines where the offender doesn't turn up at court are further examples of how the definition has been stretched".

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Symantec Reports Surge In Phishing Attacks ( Via Yahoo! UK & Ireland News)
February saw a dramatic rise in phishing attacks and the use of current events to persuade unsuspecting web users to download malware, according to the latest monthly spam report from Symantec.
Symantec Reports Surge In Phishing Attacks (
Shaun Nichols in San Francisco, , Friday 12 March 2010 at 02:23:00 Localised attacks on the increase, says security giant February saw a dramatic rise in phishing attacks and the use of current...


"In reality, identity fraud is a fast growing crime, but losses in the UK are probably running closer to £150m at the moment".
Stamp warned: "While the risk is real, and consumers need to increase their awareness, there really is no excuse for the government to strike fear of falling victim to identity theft into consumers for political advantage. If the credit industry exploits that fear to promote over-priced identity theft protection products to replace waning income streams from payment protection insurance, then that would be totally unacceptable."

"If the problem is as large as it is claimed to be, then I would very much like to know why Police resources have not been strengthened to combat the crime. Of the many hundreds of cases of identity theft that has reported to the Police, not one has been pursued to court action."

"Any consideration of the effectiveness of identity cards should also bear in mind the state of some of our existing national databases." says Stamp. "In the UK, our government just isn't very good at collecting personal data or maintaining it, so what reasonable person might assume that the National Identity Register might be any different? In the UK we don't even have a central point of reference to check whether cards or any other identification documents are lost or stolen, as exists in other countries, nor have I seen any plans to build one."
Stamp, author of 'Identity Theft, Prevention and Victim Assistance', and whose company provides consumers with access to a wide range of databases, and supplies identity restoration services to a leading insurance company, urged credit managers who attended the ICM National Conference to follow the lead of some lenders who offer free identity theft prevention advice and to work together to combat the crime.

Philip King, the newly appointed Director General of the ICM, fully supports such an industry initiative. He said: 'Credit managers working together have shown in the past that losses from criminal actions, such as mortgage fraud, can be prevented by sharing intelligence. Identity theft presents a very similar challenge to our industry and we now need to focus on addressing the issue professionally".

Richard Goedegebuur is press relations officer with, the Uk's leading online supplier of credit files to the consumer. The website also provides consumer credit advice, post code relevant information - such as area property prices, cheapest petrol stations, average credit scores for a post code, and a free stolen car checker.

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