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Got Question for a CPA Mom?

IRS wants you to retire Financially Free!     We will answer your questions and give you options about how to become Financially Free when you retire

Tax answers/options when you sell your Home.      We will answer your questions about the tax free home sales and give you options on tax free exchanges

So, You got a letter from IRS?  We can help.    Letters from IRS are scary. We will answer your questions at no charge.

S-Corp, LLC, C-Corp, Partnership - Your Choice?    Selecting the correct Business Entity is confusing.  We will give you the tax options of each Business Entity.

How not to pay taxes when you sell income property.    We will explain how to do a tax free exchange & not pay taxes when you sell your income property.

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What are CPA-Tax Moms?

“CPA-Tax Moms” are trade names given to Accounting and Tax Professionals who chose to work in an “relaxed” environment. 

Some "Mom" work from home, other work from personal offices.   

Not all are Moms, there are some Dads.  We call them Mr. Tax Moms and CPA Dads. 

Each Mom is independent.  Once you start working with a Mom, you will keep the same “Mom” year after year regardless of where you move or relocate.

Being in a “relaxed” environment has many advantages.  Lower overhead, faster response time, more availability, etc.
To be a member of the CPA or Tax Moms, the Tax Professional must ALWAYS be in good standing with their state licensing agency (if there is one), experienced, and must demonstrate  a high level of ethics, professionalism and proficiency. 

Tax Net Inc, the parent company, has developed marketing and on line systems to help qualified Tax

Professionals work from their “relaxed” environment and offer better service at a lower price to the consumer. 

Since the “Moms” do taxes and accounting of all complexities, there is always a Mom available for every level of work.   Since each Mom has a private 800 number, you are just a phone call away, regardless of where you live.

For reliability and dependability of the “Moms” organization click on the Better Business Bureau icon below.



Property Tax Liens and Foreclosures Opportunities

There is opportunities in the tax liens and foreclosure market if you have cash.  In just a 6-month span from August 2005 to February 2006, the percentage of foreclosed properties that were purchased or refinanced in the last two years in the northeast has jumped from 25% to over 50%.


This dramatic increase in foreclosures is a direct result of homeowners who couldn’t afford their home by interest-only, adjustable-rate or discounted-rate mortgages, cannot make their payment now.  Also contributing to this trend is the softening of the housing market, which is making it more difficult for homeowners facing foreclosure to sell their home.


Loans from 401K

Roth 401K

Roth IRA

The data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) shows that despite our personal income increasing, our personal savings has decreased .2 percent during the months of October and November of 2005. 

What does this data mean? It means that on average, the typical American family is spending more than it earns.   People will be paying property taxes late in the future; thus, the opportunity to earn high rate of interest at no risk.

This statistic speaks volumes about the state of the housing market, homeowners are not prepared for a mortgage payments increase anywhere from 20 – 40%.  Foreclosure and Property Tax Liens will increase.


Sale of Residence

1031 Exchange 

Capital Gains

On the pages of this web site you will find information that has been collected from many independent sources.   Each article or news item offers a different point of view, but not necessary the CPA Mom's.  This information is for general information only. 

   If you desire to ask a specific question, feel free to  contact us. 
             Opinions are FREE.

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