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IRS wants you to retire Financially Free!     We will answer your questions and give you options about how to become Financially Free when you retire

Tax answers/options when you sell your Home.      We will answer your questions about the tax free home sales and give you options on tax free exchanges

So, You got a letter from IRS?  We can help.    Letters from IRS are scary. We will answer your questions at no charge.

S-Corp, LLC, C-Corp, Partnership - Your Choice?    Selecting the correct Business Entity is confusing.  We will give you the tax options of each Business Entity.

How not to pay taxes when you sell income property.    We will explain how to do a tax free exchange & not pay taxes when you sell your income property.

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What are CPA - Tax Moms?

CPA Moms no 7“CPA- Tax Moms” is a trade names given to Accounting and CPA Tax Professionals who chose to work in an “relaxed” environment. 

This is a picture of Judy.  She is the mother of two children..   She is a licienced CPA that specialize in S Corporations.

Some "Mom" work from home, other work from personal offices.   parenting works from a relaxed office. 

Not all are Moms, there are some Dads.  We call them Mr. Tax Moms and CPA Dads. 

Each Mom is independent.  Once you start working with a Mom, you will keep the same “Mom” year after year regardless of where you move or relocate.

Being in a “relaxed” environment has many advantages.  Lower overhead, faster response time, more availability, etc.
To be a member of the CPA or Tax Moms, the Tax Professional must ALWAYS be in good standing with their state licensing agency (if there is one), experienced, and must demonstrate  a high level of ethics, professionalism and proficiency. 

Tax Net Inc, the parent company, has developed marketing and on line systems to help qualified Tax

Professionals work from their “relaxed” environment and offer better service at a lower price to the consumer. 

Since the “Moms” do taxes and accounting of all complexities, there is always a Mom available for every level of work.   Since each Mom has a private 800 number, you are just a phone call away, regardless of where you live.

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 I plan to start a business. How should I set it up?   ENTITY 1 --- Simplest form. - sole proprietorship  ENTITY 2 - Two people  - Partnership
 Do I need to file for an Employer ID number for my business?   ENTITY 3 - Will involve the State -  C Corporation
What is a pass-through entity? ENTITY 4 - Will involve the State &IRS - S Corporation
 Which entities are pass-through entities? ENTITY 5 - Most Complex  form - LLC 

Study Reveals Which States Have Business-Friendly Tax Codes, Which Don't

The Tax Foundation has released the third edition of the State Business Tax Climate Index, which ranks the 50 states on how "business friendly" their tax systems are.

"States do not enact tax changes in a vacuum," said President Scott A. Hodge, co-author of the study. "Every tax change will affect a state’s competitive position relative to its neighbors, as well as globally."

The most business-friendly tax systems are in Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. The least business-friendly tax codes are in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Ohio, Vermont, Maine, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa and Arkansas.

Click here to read the news release. Click here to read the full study.

Why Incorporate your business?

The single most important reason people incorporate their business is to safeguard the personal assets of the owners.  

By incorporating or forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC), owners may engage in business without exposing their personal property to undue risk.  Forming an LLC or incorporating your business is one of the best ways to protect you from personal liability.

Benefits of Incorporating or  forming an LLC

Reduce Liability - While owners of a sole proprietorship or general partnership have unlimited liability for both business assets and personal assets, including their bank account, homes, and even cars.

by the owners incorporating their sole proprietorship they maintain a separate business  identities. And that means you can limit the risk of losing your personal assets.

Tax Saving - Corporations are taxed at a lower rate than individuals. In addition, Incorporating or forming an LLC may enable expenses, such as insurance, travel and entertainment — for you and your employees — to be treated as deductible expenses of the business.

Attract investors - Corporations may raise capital through the sale of stock. Investors may prefer to purchase shares in a corporation due to reduced personal liability.  Incorporating allows you to transfer business ownership through the sale of stock.

Continuous life - Corporations are enduring legal business structures, with a life that extends beyond the illness or even death of its owners. Incorporating avoids the legal entanglements or, worse yet, termination of business that can incur if a partner or sole proprietor dies.

The pages of this web site contain information that has been collected from many independent sources.   Each article or new item offers a different points of view and resources.   This information is for for general information only.  If you desire to ask a specific question, feel free to contact CPA Moms 

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